I Can't Do It, Yes You Can (Transforming Fear)


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Book Description

(Free for a while) - This "module" tackles hidden core fears. It is a practical step by step DIY process of how to identify, unearth, and dissolve all hidden core fear. The module is unlike others in so much it "does not" use traditional methods of mentoring, positive pep talking, life-coaching, or any other form of inspirational coaching. This module describes "Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation.


@Judith Peters - Thank you Judith. The stats and overall feedback for the fear module have been extremely positive. So much so that the second edition is sure to follow. However, there is enough material in module one to last over one year because "conscious digestion" simply cannot be pushed. We are thrilled you discovered it and posted a kind comment - Thank you (Dave from beyond timelines)

Judith Peters

Hi. I previewed this book first and was so intrigued by what I read. I am going to download it. I know it will be extremely useful to me and all the children I come into contact with as I have noticed a few of the symptoms you talk about. Sad to think that our children suffer through something they shouldn't have to - they should be children. Thank you so much for sharing this book! Brilliant!


@JAMES - Thank you very much James. It is very uplifting to know that you found goodness from the book, and then took the time and effort to post a kind comment. Thank you (BTL)


this is a beautiful pdf book for ipad and other brands,don't listen to those negative people that has no interest to change or to learn around.


Beyond Timelines

BTL's offerings are challenging and at times very tough on the system, yet they are also the most rewarding in terms of "what you'll get back from them". If you like this work, then you'll be happy to know - there's a lot more on it's way.

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