I Am Not My Brother's Keeper


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This is a true story about children hurt by their own parents. It's about not doing the easy thing, the common thing, and turning away, and it's about the long, hard, expensive fight to do what's right. It's a success story, too, (if that's the right phrase) about a family torn apart, about parents prosecuted, convicted and jailed and children given another chance. It's the story of a flawed justice system that, for all its errors, all its faults, in this case, did what we hope it will. It's about what the words - family, love and responsibility - really mean, and, most of all, it's an example for those of us who care about kids enough to do more than talk about it.

Beth Lambert

Very well written but heartbreaking

Patricia Watkins

I liked the way the author wrote. I didn't get bored with it. I am sorry she had to deal with this, but I think she should have a stiffer back bone instead of enabling her brother to continually use her and her husbands money. I guess I couldn't afford to do what she did financially, so I wouldn't have any other choice. My boyfriend's daughter is the same way. He has two grand children through her and I guess I see the comparison. It's all about the children. I would recommend this book. True story, good writing skills and capturing. I didn't want to put it down. Please do write more. Thanks


While this was a well written book I assume it was a true story & couldn't cope with the way someone who was a psycologist could continually get suckered by her brother & I was appalled at her lack of compassion for the children by not involving the authorities to take over their care


From beginning to end, it was a great book. I applaud her courage to write down her thoughts. It took me a while before I realized it is a true story. I can relate a little to her situation with her brother and giving in to him because he is family. What a strong woman!

Delima de Koning

Amelia did a lot more for her loser brother than I would have done. She's lucky to have a husband like Jack who put up with her crazy family. I enjoyed the book but couldn't believe she gave so much and didn't get even a thank you back.

Pearl Oshea

Well written portrayal of how family members have characteristics and personalities that can vary so much. The abuse by the brother and wife was horrendous it's unbelievable that this can still go on with innocent children, without child protection/social care being informed and acting quickly to safeguard them. Love and support for your own brother can blind you, as it's hard to believe/accept. A very good true story.

Michael Conlin

Lovely book well written and kept me up till late.Sad to read this is a true life story.Friends you can change family is unfortunately blood. I had a similar story so dont feel alone.

Angela Crook

Could she have been more selfish in regards to her brother's children...seems she could have done a lot more in the beginning of it all. Seriously didn't need the gory details of her and Jack. Very, very poorly written. She told HER story, not that of abused children. Lots of typos throughout book. Very glad I didn't spend money on it! Poor ending, writing a book about success amongst child abuse,usually tells you where the kids ended up.

Robin Thomas Harmon

This was a good read.


poorly written, uninteresting. simply a rant.


I liked the book, it kept me all the way thru, how ever the end I wouldn?t call it the best... many "keep on readig" facts of the story were not solved at the end and i didnt like that, still , besided the end, a good and almost unbelieveble story.


Amelia is too dumb to be believable. She didn't tell how the 7 kids ended up. How can she call this a success story. For her maybe but not the rest of the family. Story was intriguing but jumped around too much and she didn't wrap things up in the end.


Very moving story about family relations and mistreated kids---heart-rending, but with a happy ending.


Good book! I found the way she told her story to be very interesting. It would be interesting if one of her brother's kids wrote their own book one day.

cloven soo

I like the way the author express about her family.

janice Cranford

It was an interesting story .. sad, but interesting.


Wow what an interesting book I couldn't put it down.


Amelia Bradford

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