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I Am God

By Santosh Jha



Copyright 2014 Santosh Jha

Smashwords Edition



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Let This Sink In, It Needs To Stay

Is it appropriate, even necessary to speak out? Deep within, in the primary substructure of the conscious self, this question always lurks around the innocent and compassionate emotion, which definitively wants to be sure of the utility and fruition of any words spelt out. This emotion has sure and certain righteousness and precision. The uncertainties and embedded troubles of the navigation of communication apart, the primary question is – when reception of expression and meaningfulness of communication rest with listener and not sayer, how can words be allowed to journey ahead without a sense of onus and organization. Even the most compassionate and innocently affectionate words may happen to be instinctive and presupposed culprit of aggression. When even silence often stands guilty of the offence of entrenched antagonism and sado-masochism, words naturally tend to appear as prima facie offenders of hostility.

This shall always happen, as it is our mechanism. Our brain, which handles all expressions and every reception, engenders this innate trouble for humanity. Consciousness has no words and no compassionate connection with linguistic excellence of communication. Unfortunately, more intelligent we become, greater is the probability of our communication and expression becoming dualistic and hence exposed to becoming more antagonistic for easy reception. Brains work on imageries and it expresses and communicates in neuro-chemical and neuro-electrical language. This physical entity of expression then has to ride on the intangible entity of humanly designed linguistic expressions. The intangible is no match with the tangible in communication system. It is natural that a dualism is engendered the moment we allow tangible entity to enter the virtual skin and flesh of intangible facility. For example, the word ‘joy’ is somehow very differently expressed by our brain in its neuro-chemical language. The probabilities of shades of joy offer multiplicities of meanings, often subjectively competitive and objectively relative.

The trouble does not end here. What brain accepts as expression is then filtered through the mind channels. Brain is the physical pathway, mind is the functional one. Mind has influences of popular culture as well as individual experiences. Therefore, what brain accepts as ‘joy’, the mind interprets it in its own milieu and then, the mind picks up a humanly designed word to ride on, for navigation of communication. This complex and dualistic mechanism of our expressions ensures loads of chaos, conflict and confusion in what we speak and how we accept the spoken or written words.

There is only one way out to avoid this trap and trouble of human communication mechanism. This however, is also not fully protected and exempted from the above-mentioned trouble of dualism. Still, it needs to be said that the only possible way out is innocence. If an expression of words is accepted with primary and uncultured innocence, every word spelt or written automatically gets coated with a smooth and brilliantly navigable gel of compassion. Compassion shields every word from the possibility of even the intangibility of violence and conflict. This helps even conflicts and confusion of a word become far more affectionately acceptable. All communication needs the navigation of innocence to journey the road to utility and fruition, even when they are loaded with multiplicity of probabilistic shades of expressions. Innocence of compassion is the primeval and cardinal utility. All sub-utilities of expressions automatically fall in this wider utility, if this primary utility is there to hold them tight in their parental embrace.

Why I am saying all this? Is it appropriate, even necessary to speak out all these? Yes, you are right. I am here to say so many words. As these words are going to be about an idea, which has always been tough to talk about, I humbly, innocently and very compassionately appeal to you to accept this hypothesis and be with me in complete innocence of compassion to receive what I wish to express with the help of humanly designed words. Kindly accept the primary utility of innocence of compassion and then do accept the sub-utility of a completely different interpretation of the idea of divinity.

I accept, even this call for innocence may spark off the suspicion of narcissism in my part. However, I again wish to exhort to you that even when all words instinctively stand as culprit of a possible antagonism, this apprehension is won over by the magic of innocence of compassion. My primary appeal is – even if innocence remains a doubtful presupposition in the part of the sayer (me as writer), I simply cannot have any doubt over ubiquitous innocence of compassion in the part of receiver (you as reader) because; this shall defeat the very purpose and utility of the enterprise of saying. I cannot imagine of futility at the very start of an enterprise to create a higher utility.

I am also very much in possession of the deep sense of immensity, this enterprise involves as what I am attempting is a journey of words beyond the archetypal dualism of communication. The domain of divinity is the classical example of the dualism, which our body-mind mechanism engenders, when it comes to the reception of realisms of the world we live in and the cosmos.

Therefore, it is pertinent here to discuss in outlines only as to what is ‘Fact’ and what is ‘Fiction’ in life’s realism? It seems; realism – as a subjective self accepts – is brain’s choice (mostly randomized) of elements from the ambient milieu. Therefore, both ‘Fact & Fiction’ are equally entitled to being Realism. There are both tangible and intangible elements in any milieu. Consciousness (subjective self) as the navigation mapping mechanism, facilitated by the brain, accepts both elements with equal ease.

Interestingly, all tangibles acquire form and content from the intangibles of life and all intangibles attain utility and suitability from tangibles. Therefore, it seems, realism is an eclectic mix of Fact & Fiction. However, it depends on early childhood milieu and initial experiences of a person, whether this mix has more fact or more fiction.

It seems, in contemporary milieu of most popular cultures, both men and women are growingly having a subjective consciousness with more fiction and less fact inclinations. Absolutely no insinuation at the possibility of the superiority of consciousnesses either with more elements of Fiction or Fact. This small talk is meant just to arrive at all shades of possible interpretations, which facilitate the navigation of the enterprise at hand – discussion over the ideas of divinity.

Divinity happens to be a domain, where Cognition and Causality of human mind Consciousness unravels it multidimensionality and plurality in rainbowish colors. That is why it is a rather tough task to get people to be in reception of a shade of colors, which somehow stands beyond the seven colors of faith’s spectrum. Being in complete reception of the enormity of the enterprise, I muster up all humility, innocence and compassion in my part to take the first step. However, I shall also humbly request you to be in complete reception mode of consciousness, which innocently rises above the boundaries of Cognition and Causality of the cultural Consciousness.

It is almost impossible for anyone to receive and accept an idea or realism, which is alien to existing popular and contemporary cultural mindset. An idea or realism beyond popular cultural benchmarking and matrices of mind consciousness is a tough enterprise. There is a cardinal rule to the success of every enterprise of life. At the start, every enterprise looks huge and tough. Human mind is not good at seeing far ahead. Therefore, it is always advised to take small steps towards achievement of part of the enterprise and set aim for smaller goals. Your innocence and honesty is your best preparations to attain your goals. The simple idea is; it is your imagination, which makes you a winner, when you have to make any important decision in life. This imagination puts you above and aloof from the immediate milieus, culture and body-mind instincts, which often either blur your judgment or keep you in a flux. Worse, it makes you drift with it, beyond your conscious control.

You have to use your power of conscious imagination to accept your being and self as someone, not only your body, not only your mind, not only your milieus and not even the interaction between them. You have to accept it as some super consciousness, which observes each of your thought-action-behavior matrices from a position above and aloof from all the dimensions of your consciousness and being. This enables you to hold every emotion, instinct and ideas back for a while, sit over them with an objective and independent super consciousness.

As this super consciousness is a receptive mode facility, you shall be endowed with a power to observe and control all your instinctive and culturally induced thought-action-behavior of action-reaction mode. This is the stage where, you become the conscious decider of what should ideally present yourself with your decision-matrix at any point of time in your life. This is a sure facility for personalizing your own wellness and making them independent of milieus, culture and instincts. I humbly appeal to you to be in this super consciousness mode, when we deal with new insights on the domain of divinity, as this shall facilitate a reception essential for the utility and fruition of the enterprise. Thanks.



The Core Issue

Since almost 10,000 years, when humans started understanding key questions, which his or her instinctive mechanism of intelligent observations made him or her to, he or she started a practice of finding answers, which was the only way available then, given his or her level of brain development. All around early humans, things happened and they could not understand why? What they observed with the help of their six senses were in fact ‘effects’ of something. As many of these ‘effects’ either enhanced their survival or jeopardized it, both ways they needed the answers as why they happened.

Some of the early people found a way out. They started imagining about the whole chain of ‘effects’ and then speculated about the ‘cause’. This is ‘reverse intelligence’, which attempted to ascertain ‘cause’ from ‘effect’. This is our mechanism. If you ponder over all your actions even today, you can surely register that even in contemporary state of our knowledge about realism, most of us are brilliant at ascertaining the ‘cause’ of happenings, based on their effects around us. This ‘reverse intelligence’ still rules our daily life, even when objective knowledge of mankind has made us realize that this ‘reverse intelligence’ needs to be ‘reversed’.

Observable realities are more than often, only ‘effects’ of something which is the cause but not empirically observable. The Sun was always observed as rising from east and then moving towards west to set. This effect of a particular cause was imagined and the erroneous wisdom was created that the earth was solid and stagnant whereas the Sun moved. The earth was observed as flat and it was accepted this way.

Both religion and philosophy accepted this ‘reverse intelligence’ and anyone going against this wisdom was declared as culprit of faith and was executed brutally. Most brutalities of human history were commanded and executed by faith orders. Misplaced intelligence kills true wisdom more, whereas it should ideally kill ignorance!

Still, as ascertaining the cause from effects was a function of simple observation and primary imaginations, same ‘effects’ were ascribed plurality of ‘causes’ and even the effects were interpreted in similar pluralities on the basis of opinion, conjecture, imagination, hearsay, dogma, ideology, fantasy and fiction having no measurable and proven basis. That is why; different tribal societies and regions of human population had different and even conflicting ‘world views’ which finally were embedded in the soil of their respective cultures, as civilizations grew in size. Cultural differences do have some geographical basis but most differences came from this plurality of ‘cause-effect’ interpretations. Geographical differences also created shades of a single effect.

The larger chunk of this ‘reverse intelligence’ continued till very recently, may be till some 200-300 years ago when pure science started to come with proven, measurable and singular answers. Modern science has largely answered all major questions of humanity but it still has a lot more to explain. This gives leeway to believers and faith followers who use this as a convenient excuse to dump all that science has to offer in terms of objective and singular answers. Within the scientific community also, there are major differences of opinions on almost all major answers of science. This only adds to the confusion at mass-level and that’s why, majority of people on this planet are happy following the age-old and obsolete wisdom of imagining pluraly and subjectively the ‘causes’ of the ‘effects’ they observe around them. The archaic and outdated wisdoms of religion and philosophy still exist to guide them to perpetuity of chaos and confusion of pluralism. Plurality of science adds to this chaos.

It has to be accepted without doubts that this ‘reverse intelligence’ actually also helped ancient humans in a big way. Lot many learning and discoveries were made possible by this mechanism and humanity benefitted a lot. Farming, animal husbandry and mining are such boons. Humans observed plants growing from seeds and this effect they replicated with success. There were numerous observations of ‘effects’ and their replication, without knowing their actual causes, that helped humanity evolve. So, it was only natural that early humans accepted this ‘reverse intelligence’ as larger wisdom and ensured that it had the sanction of religion so that these practices could be inseparable part of culture.

The only trouble is, there were some effects, which they could not imagine, right and still included them as part of their religiously sanctioned cultures. Evolution of humanity growingly provided right answers about this objective cause-effect mechanism. However, as culture and traditions are so deeply ingrained in human mind mechanism, it is still very hard for most people to accept anything that is new to this contemporary culture and ancient wisdom of religion, which is the largest chunk of a culture.

What we need to do is put aside this popular concept of ‘conflict’ between science and faith and understand what is the actual functional mechanism of we and things around us. The universe, the planet earth and all lives on it have already been created. How it all happened in the past may never be conclusively arrived at but what we may have is the answer in largely proven way as how things happened after all this happened. Past cannot change for better or worse but the present and future surely can. If we accept the massive works done by science in answering our major questions, we surely shall be hugely advantaged in understanding well – who we are, why we are, why we do what we do, why we do what we should never do, how we behave and act and why, where is the conflict and why, what is good and what is bad and why, etc.

Even if we do not completely accept what science answers as true, at least it helps by adding an interesting perspective. Understanding all these surely shall make us find ourselves in enhanced joy and satisfaction. Our better and empowered present is in our hands now and this should write the golden chapters of future. The best way to it is using the energy of ‘skepticism’ and know and understand both science and religion in their pure and objective forms. Know both science and religion and question their objectivity till you are sure what you accept conforms to the above-mentioned criteria of singularity of truth; largely, if not completely. There is however a need to guard against ‘smart-extrapolations’ and ‘scientific-ingenuity’ of some ‘cunning-imaginators’ in science too. The same guard has to be against religion.

It has to be accepted with humility that however objective we say the truth must be, it can never be; as it is ultimately ‘by-for-from’ humans who have a cultural mindset for subjectivity. Even a machine cannot be 100% objective as no machine works at maximum but optimum. Even science is a human enterprise and is duly affected. For example, within science, three wings – biology, chemistry and physics enjoy a great but healthy rivalry for supremacy. Every wing says, ultimate and conclusive wisdom shall be delivered only by them! So does religion! One religion says, his God is the original, primeval and ultimate; rest of the Gods of other religions are only ‘generic gods’… etc..! We all must come out of this subjective competitiveness and assimilate all wisdoms to evolve a ‘singularity’. There is actually no harm in accepting the utility of different streams of wisdom, in understanding of one idea of life and living. We shall finally see that all wisdoms have common things to say.

As already said, both science and art has common basis of primary functioning in terms of neural mechanism. Both start with human’s instinctive capacity to observe and imagine. Science then proceeds on to test every possibility of imagination with provable, objective and measurable terms, whereas art and culture moves to personalized and subjective expressions. Both science and art created master works owing to their common initial techniques. The commonality is also from the fact that man and its environment were common for both science and art and the observable variables too were common for imaginative expressions. Naturally, this commonality could find grounds in other areas of expressions of both separate fields.

Most of the current works on religion, philosophy and culture were created around 1500 BC to 1500 AD. This was the period when humanity had the abundance and resultant leisure to put in all major wisdom traditions. However, this is also the time when degeneration of genetic matters had also concretized, as it had started around 10,000 years back. Now, the original wisdom may not be present as human instincts are designed such a way that in long use, any wisdom is degenerated. But, if we read the ancient wisdoms with a scientifically objective mind, compassionately making allowances to subjectivity of artistic expressions and time-tampering, we can easily see that core ideas of all wisdom, subjective or objective has a common ground.

The huge benefit now humanity has that all wisdom, value-systems, cultural-requirements and collective-mechanisms can be tested on the singular basis of the proven, measurable and objective facts of science, which are also what core religion and philosophy say. We now know our body and brain well. We now have the technology and wherewithal to alter the genetic troubles of human bodies and minds through eugenics techniques. We are now empowered to create not only sure survival of humanity but also its excellence to spread to the universe.

We just need to have the courage, determination and resilience to accept this new mindset to accommodate more and more science in our thinking and value summation. It is not necessary that one should accept these facts and make drastic changes in all aspects of one’s life. It shall be very tough. One can simply do one thing. Accept this new paradigm to define, “who I am”. This shall greatly enhance one’s satisfaction and joys as he or she shall find himself in singularity of body and mind mechanism. That is good to start with.

It would be even better if one uses the energy of skepticism and doubts all that has been presented by new wisdom. One should use his or her own resources to re-check their authenticity. But, one must not ‘reject’ them out rightly or show them a close door. Doubt them, re-check them, correct them if you find them wrong… but not ‘reject’ them. It is just a humble suggestion that mind’s value-summation shall definitely be more inclined towards this desirable ‘singularity’ if science is also accepted as a supportive approach, in cooperation with religion and philosophy.



Why Religion Is Misrepresented

The dominant theme of our universe is accord, not discord.  At the core of every ‘idea’ of discord is the ‘matter’ of accord. Conflict is just a ‘peripheral’ notion. The centripetal force of self-analysis always takes you to the ‘core’ of cooperation and coexistence.

Humanity always had some evolved minds, who rose above the conflicts of life and to whom ‘the singular answers’ of critical questions of humanity as well as the cosmos were revealed. Important it is that the revelations to a handful get eventually transformed into a logical and patterned knowledge for all of humanity. This has always been missing till now, presenting the real challenge for humanity. The new holistic-assimilative-integrative wisdom enlists this as ‘doable’.

It is like; in an exam, you know the answer of a mathematical question and you write that in the answer sheet but the examiner would not give you any marks for that. You need to write down the entire process of how you arrived at the right answers. Just knowing the right answers fetches no marks. Even in life, we think we have the answers but as we miss the right process, results are disappointing.

This has always happened to a few great minds in human civilization. They knew the right ‘answers’ but not the right ‘process’; none of their fault! The mechanism could not possibly be known to them. That is why; there came the trilogy of ‘known-unknown-unknowable’ premise. Those who truly arrived at the right answers could not detail the right process and that is why they said, ‘real wisdom is only revealed to individuals and cannot be converted into a collective knowledge for all’. It is unknowable but can only be ‘revealed’. This proposition still holds good for larger humanity. However, we are now starting to have the knowledge of mechanism, to lay down the right processes for the right answers.

The larger humanity accepts this ‘known-unknown-unknowable’ premise as truth – be it religion, spiritualism, philosophy or psychology. It resulted into a very beautiful but also very dangerous proposition for humanity. Those who arrived at the wisdom and when right answers were revealed to them, it was only very natural and instinctive that their minds were filled with compassion as they could see the larger humanity suffering partly from lack of resource but largely because of widespread and deep ignorance.

They felt so full of compassion to see that ignorance is making the very potent and positive ‘energy’ of conflict into a potent weapon of mass destruction and resultant pain and misery. They chose a way out. However, like conflict, this new way created more chaos and confusion than order and peace, which was intended.

Many of those, who arrived at right answers but did not know the process, chose not to speak. They were never sure, what was revealed to them were actually right or not as, they could not establish its procedural veracity. As they say, ‘the wise is never sure and a stupid is always’. The wise is always responsible.

Many of them were also fearful of the social backlash, as even now, larger humanity is full of vengeance and violence for non-conformists. Still, a few chose to speak, mostly out of compassion for the larger ignorance of wider humanity. However, it was impossible even for them to put the wisdom into words that larger humanity could understand and accept. Therefore, what they said was mostly in a language of ‘metaphors and symbols’. Why they chose to say it all in metaphors and symbol? It has a reason.

Very early in human evolution, when humans had not even developed language, some of the more evolved brains could detect and establish that there was a pattern all around them in immediate nature, which they could decipher. It was revealed to a few. The later humans also understood it and they chose to express it in metaphors and symbols. Usually, early metaphors were derived from nature. As language was developed, they put up language metaphors.

It is understandable as metaphors were most easily replicable even for an un-arrived brain. The knowledge of process facilitates replication. It had to be as there was a discernible pattern of cosmos, which were replicable in nature. Even later, when language was developed quite well, the metaphors took the shape of verse not prose, as brain would accept the verses more easily. That is why all ancient human documents or oral traditions of wisdom were written in verse style. The metaphor model also shielded the wise from societal backlash as these models were above the popular languages and as most metaphors were designed for dualism, they were easy to be defended, in case of societal backlash.

Metaphors are replicable patterns and they are all around us to understand easily. For example, we are told, the life is like a jungle and we have to make our own roads to success by clearing the bushes and trees. And how this success comes? This comes when we as a brain, prune or unlearn some of the info of our subconscious as well as the cultured mind and create a path of higher consciousness.

There is also an Oriental spiritual metaphor of the world being a ‘maya-jaal’ (plexus of senses). This matches with the scientific pattern of brain functioning in which brain creates a huge branching network of axons, dendrites and synapses. A good and rational human being, a prudent mind has to rise above this network created by a subconscious mind and ambient culture, with the help of higher consciousness, to engender new synaptic avenues. We are all told how most get lost in this jungle and few succeed in creating the right path.

They chose metaphors because brain accepts most things as pictorial and relates it as templates of imageries. That is why, metaphors, which abound in nature around us and can be seen from bare eyes, were chosen. Eyes feed large majority of sensory inputs to the brain.

Despite the worthy compassion of the ancient wise men and their brilliance in selecting excellent metaphors and symbols for laying out the processes of the wisdom they acquired, the average human could not benefit as the processes were very subjectively received. Scientific answers, when laid as procedures have singular and objective reception by all minds and that is why, the technology is universal, even while languages are different.

As these ancient metaphors and symbols lacked objectivity and singularity of reception by all minds and every individual mind accepted them in its own subjective interpretation, they could never be objectively replicated by the society at large. These rather engendered multiplicity of expressions and actions, creating bad replica in the forms of calamitous rituals, which now are huge burdens for larger humanity. There is a huge enterprise for humanity to unlearn them.

The metaphor system of wisdom dispensation was good only for the arrived brains but for most, the majority of the common masses, even this metaphor was a matter of great misunderstanding and conflict. That is why; ancient wisdom is the most misinterpreted and bears more conflict of mind than order. Religion and spiritualism remain confused and conflicting domains, ridden with precarious rituals, all competing to be the right one, at the cost of the denial of others.  

Sadly, as is with almost every human enterprise, some of the unscrupulous elements of society at all times, used this confusion, conflict and misinterpretation for their own petty and selfish ends. The religion, spiritualism and philosophy have always fallen on the hands of some of these elements and some confused people.

The humanity has always suffered. These selfish elements converted these meaningful metaphors into set of rituals, which were masterly designs to suit individuals, and a group of individuals who wished not religion but its ownership. Wider ignorance of humanity made it all very easy, they still are.

It is truly sad that the original version of the ancient wisdom, especially of religion and spiritualism may not be present today, as human instincts are designed such a way that in long use, any wisdom is degenerated. But, as we said earlier, if we read the ancient wisdoms with a scientifically objective mind, compassionately making allowances to subjectivity of artistic expressions and time-tampering, we can easily see that core ideas of all wisdom, subjective or objective has a common ground.

I must thank you for being patient enough to read all the above paragraphs, as it was necessary to go through them before we actually commence the tough enterprise of putting new interpretative light to the ideas in the domain of divinity. The purpose of saying all the above words were aimed at preparing you to a state of higher consciousness, which is in super holistic-assimilative-integrative mode of reception of ideas and realisms not amenable to utility and fruition, if witnessed from the already colored perspective of a cultured mind consciousness, used to traditional notions of cognition and causality. Thank you so much for being patient with me.




I Am God

If you accept and allow the macrocosmic perspective to build on a hypothesis that singular objective truth and realism apart, whatever seems and presents itself for observation, is a registry and artistry of the hugely mystical marvels of brain, which unravels them through our mind consciousness. This hypothesis is not a figment of pure imagination; rather it is a primary acceptance of innocence of intelligence. This hypothesis is an initiation into the complexity of this multidimensional universe of mysticism, marvel and magic, which are now ensconced and embedded deep into our mind consciousnesses. It is even accepted that these cultural ideas of mysticism, marvel and magic are now very much part of our instincts, our genetic wiring.

This mysticism and marvel of mind consciousness of contemporary humans, engenders an ‘I’, a sense of subjective self, which has now put the idea of divinity into an external domain. However, some ten thousand years back and even beyond, this mind consciousness of early humans were not what it is today of we people. The early consciousness could see and accept that all ideas and dimensions of divinity were not external but deep within. This consciousness defined and accepted divinity not in a cultural way, as we accept it today. It was only natural that early consciousnesses of humanity, thousands of years back created such beautiful and insightful metaphors of divinity, which now stand as completely degenerated. It is tough to understand and accept those metaphors as contemporary mind consciousnesses have become highly cultured by degenerated notions of divinity.

We shall attempt to recreate the old consciousness here and this shall lead us to understand the internalized idea of divinity, where God is only within, experienced with such intensity of pure consciousness that it was somehow possible for a mind then to engender a metaphor of ‘I Am God’.

When a mind consciousness, positioned in a state of poise of all tangible and intangible elements of being and cosmos expresses this idea of “I Am God”, it creates a marvelously precarious superposition of entities. This super consciousness, assimilating and identifying the ‘self’ in complete linearity with the idea of divinity, has almost no choice to express its situationalism in any other set of words. This super consciousness, understands, accepts and internalizes the 3Ms – Mysticism-Marvel-Magic, with a perfectly novel perspective of 3Cs – Consciousness-Cognition-Causality.

The expression, “I Am God”, can be anything but never the narcissistic expression of an intelligent mind consciousness. Rather, it must be primarily accepted as the self-negating expression of an innocent mind consciousness, stretching the self beyond all signs and semblances of ‘self’. We shall unravel all possible aspect of this expression of “I Am God”.

At the very start, we need to accept a very natural and fruitful mechanism of mind consciousness, which shall help us in understanding, why the proposition, ‘I Am God’ becomes a realism. You must have noticed; when you listen to your favorite music, you start with listening music, then your consciousness moves with the music and you feel like being part of the music and finally your consciousness merges with the music and you become music.

The best experience of this merger of identities – external and internal into singular identity happens in love. Be in love and you will see and experience the multidimensionality of all realisms around you – be it within self or in the milieus outside, merging into a singular consciousness. Be in love to experience the magic and then you yourself become The Magic. Deep within the body-mind intimacy and emotion of love, you shall cease to be an experiencer and turn to be experience itself. You start as being in love and then become love. Love happens and this merger happens – the experiencer becoming the experience. All pluralism, all dualism and all multidimensionality of consciousness and realisms merge into singular linearity. All ‘somethingness’ first enters the domain of ‘nothingness’ and then finally it swims effortlessly in the ocean of everythingness.

The same and even far more spontaneous and lasting is the experience of the experiencer of divinity becoming the experience itself and in the state of such ultimate consciousness, where all somethingnesses become singular everythingness, the conscious self merges into the unity and linearity of cosmic consciousness. As this merger, dissolution and ultimate union ends up the segregation of external and internal realisms and people start feeling being the love or music itself, a consciousness in the domain of divinity also feels being divinity itself and what comes out as a light from the consciousness is put in humanly designed words as – ‘I Am God’. This however is difficult to happen, because in the case of divinity, there is a missing tangible of physicality of lover and music.

As we have talked about it earlier, the mind consciousness does not speak in the language we humans designed for our social exchange of ideas. The experiences of mind consciousness and its expressions are not amenable to be put in human words. That is why, when someone says in exalted state of higher consciousness that he or she is the music, the love or the God, there has to be an innocent and compassionate acceptance that the words are just extremely poor shadow of the pure and primary imagery of the experience and expression in his or her mind consciousness.

Now, we need to understand that the purpose of the above metaphors of music and love was used to simply and facilitate the above hypothesis, we had accepted earlier. The hypothesis was –

Singular objective truth and realism apart, whatever seems and presents itself for observation, is a registry and artistry of the hugely mystical marvels of brain, which unravels them through our mind consciousness.”

This hypothesis was necessary to arrive at the theoretical realism that when a consciousness says, “I Am God”, it is this same registry and artistry of the hugely mystical marvels of brain, unraveled through his or her mind consciousness. Moreover, those minds, who object to it and arrive at different interpretations of realisms, are also because of this same registry and artistry. That is why there has to be huge amount of innocence and courage of compassion to rise above the constraints of a cultured mind consciousness, which sees and accepts hypocrisies of all shades.

Now, we shall discuss in detail about the mechanism of this “Registry and Artistry of Mystical Marvels of Mind Consciousness”. We shall attempt to arrive at the processes of mechanisms, which engenders the possibility of a consciousness state, which accepts this proposition of “I Am God”.

There is a mechanism of human consciousness, much of it is now understood and this facilitates understanding of how all realisms, we see and accept, are within mind consciousness. There is a cyclicality among elements in external milieu, elements within self (instinct and culture) and the subjective consciousness. It is highly discernible and even replicable fact that constitution of the idea and expression of divinity has always had only those elements, which are instinctively present both inside human mechanism as well as in the external milieu. It is such a ubiquitous commonality that all elements of human consciousness, culture and divinity are the same. This is in sync with ancient wisdom that nothing external to consciousness exists. Science also says the same. We talk in detail about the commonality of these elements below.

Ancient Indian wisdom talked about seven elements of life and delegated these elements in ownership of different Gods. I humbly request you to accept my hypothesis that when our forefathers deciphered these ideas and created a wisdom of oral traditions, they did not mean them to be what we now know as ‘religion’. It was then a social collective wisdom, very much a local culture of few thousand people, living in a physical milieu, which was tough, as humanity had not tamed the wild nature by then. Only hundreds of years later, these wisdoms were crafted in written literary tradition, with their objectivity being lost considerably in subjective consciousnesses of their writers. Then, the larger population, which had become more settled and comfortable with life, named it religion and suitably wrapped these wisdoms with rituals of personal and societal conveniences.

Let us talk about the commonality of elements in the three domains of consciousness, culture and divinity. As we said earlier, there are seven core and predominant elements in nature and all matters of the universe, which stand to be observed by humans, shall have these seven elements – be it human culture, societal interaction structures, subjective self as well as divinity. These seven elements are essentially intangible imageries of brain and mind mechanisms, but as they stand to be observed by humans in an instinctive causality with ambient physical nature, these seven elements stand to be expressed and communicated socially, culturally and personally in tangible terms of words and physical symbols of life and living.

We shall discuss this causality later but first, we must name the seven elements. Before we do it, it must again be emphasized that these intangible elements are being made to ride on the back of humanly designed words and therefore, the resultant conflict and confusion in their true shade of meanings shall ever remain. That is why a humble request is to accept these seven elements in terms of words in holistic-assimilative-integrative perspective, allowing innocence of compassion to come to the forefront of reception. These seven elements in words are –