I Am Aye HTML version

I decided to separate my physical poetry from my spiritual
poetry. As in my life I was unable to fin d the balance
between the two . In these pages reflect my emotion al
gro wth. I believe that in life the emotional pain that we
experien ce h as the po wer to bring forth gro wth.
Unfortunately we don’t always grow from our experien ce.
Most times we are consumed by it. It becomes a part of who
we are an d wh at we expect. The result bein g repeated
choices bringing forth the sam e or similar experiences. If we
wish to chan ge our experience we must first change our
perspective. If our perspecti ve is to change we must learn
from our life’s experiences, from the choices that we make be
they “good or bad”. I am forty years old an d I am tired of not
having anyone to share the special moments in my life with.
I lo ve my children an d they are always supportive of me,
even when I don’t make the best decisions. But it is not the
same as having that one special person who lo ves you just as
you are. The one person to share your triumphs and failures.
The person that gro ws with you.The problem that I see is
that men are for the most part are damaged goods, as are
women. I am sick and tired of listening to women complain
about the black man. Here is something th at all women