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Hypertufa Leaf Casting Project
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Making leaf castings in hypertufa is quite a popular project. I get many
questions about the ins-and-outs of how to make them. This tutorial will
guide you successfully through the steps and I am sure you'll be on your way
to adding one (or more) of these beautiful garden art objects.
And I must mention ... remember to practice safety first! You're dealing
with portland cement, which is caustic. Wear your gloves; wear your
goggles; and wear your face mask. For complete information on all you
need to know about working with hypertufa safely, please refer to
Also, leaf casting can be a bit tricky. Getting the hang of finishing the
edges, for instance, may take a bit of trial and error to become successful.
You do want to taper off the 'tufa as you get to the leaf's edge, but not so
thin that a part will crack off, either during the cure or on-up-the-road.
Remember: practice makes perfect. Start with smaller leaves, then
progress to bigger ones.
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