Hunter Cell HTML version

‗The Executive Branch of the United States government
authorizes, for the purposes outlined within this document,
the establishment of a special agency to be utilized
strictly for the purposes noted herein. A special team of
legal assassins, directed and reporting to the Supreme
Court and the Special Executive Committee, shall act upon
the receipt of an authorized contract executed and endorsed
by the two Powers named herein, to locate and execute said
For the purposes of saving tax revenue and
penitentiary space, this special team shall execute
contracts upon those U.S. persons knowingly found to be
involved in the following crimes and activities: drug
cartels, organized crime, mass murder, murder in the first
or second degrees, acts of terrorism, treason, hijacking,
carjacking, thefts valued at $10,000 U.S. dollars or more,
or any other egregious act that both Powers listed herein
deem necessary for the initiation of a contract.‘
Excerpt from Executive Order Theta 19666