Humans and Their Universes HTML version

entities on Earth, in space or in time. This interesting, but not very relevant to
daily routine in 2010, conclusion led to the realization that the world might be on
the brink of revolutionary breakthrough in all areas of life: any and all objects
which appear distant from each other are not actually separated at all. This is
similar to 2 objects which appear distant from each other on a huge computer
screen actually being unified by the strings of ones and zeros making up the
computer code which is all in one small place (this appears, based on Einstein's
equations, to be a 5th dimension - hopefully, Europe's Large Hadron Collider will
verify the 5th dimension's existence). In a universal zero-separation unification;
the feedback of matter, energy and force into matter, energy and force is also
likely to produce distortions and corrections. Instead of microphones' high-
pitched screeches or control of missiles' trajectories, we could see
blurring/smearing/indeterminacy in positions and velocities on all scales
(subatomic, human, galactic) because, in a unification, effects cannot avoid
influencing causes and because the universe consists of fractals (phenomena
repeated at all magnifications, from the tiniest to the grandest). The 2 objects
which appear distant from each other could be a star (along with its gravity and
heat) and this world – or the genes in any two cells; or 2 atoms of thymine,
cytosine or any other base in different millennia; or the opposite sides of a
subatomic particle within an atom of a base.
All this sounds totally strange because separation between things seems obvious
and, according to science, the quantum scale of atoms obeys different rules from
the classical scale of humans and galaxies (if science is correct about this, the
quantum and classical can never be unified in a literal sense). But remember that
this article is based on grand ideas of Unification that began with Einstein and
are best known today from Superstring Theory, as well as being based on
experiments in quantum mechanics which have been confirmed time and time
again. If the hypotheses in this article, though necessarily extremely incomplete,
offer even the briefest glimpse of the true nature of unification and quantum
mechanics; then it follows that the article is correct when it says everything will