Humans and Their Universes HTML version

frequency of gamma rays.
If cosmic rays are made to repel, astronauts going to Mars or another star or
galaxy would be safe from potentially deadly radiation.
And if all particles in the body can be made to attract or repel as necessary,
doctors will have new ways of restoring patients to health.
From 1929 til his death in 1955, Einstein worked on his Unified Field Theory with
the aim of uniting electromagnetism and gravitation. Future achievement of this
means warps of space (gravity, according to General Relativity) between
spaceships/stars could be attracted together, thereby eliminating distance.
Since Relativity says space and time can never exist separately, warps in space
are actually warps in space-time. Eliminating distances in space also means
“distances” between both future and past times are eliminated - and time travel
becomes reality.
The universe’s underlying electronic foundation would make our cosmos into a
unification if it enabled not only elimination of all distances in space and time, but
also elimination of distance between the different sides of objects and particles.
This last point requires the universe to not merely be a vast collection of the
countless photons, electrons and other quantum particles within it; but to be a
unified whole that has “particles” and “waves” built into it. The feedback of the
past and future universes into the unified cosmos's electronic foundation would
ensure that both past and future could not be altered.
Essay - "From the View of Physics, What Could a Gene Possibly Be?"