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Humans and their Universes
This communicates to you my vision of exploring the whole universe. What if you
had a plausible method (based on today's science and technology) of going
anywhere you wanted in the entire universe? Wouldn't that be a radical
breakthrough in exploration? I'll first summarise the steps leading up to (and
beyond) exploration of all space then write a detailed essay showing how those
paragraphs are consistent with the plausible nature of the universe and are
therefore not science fiction.
In July 2009, electrical engineer Hong Tang and his team at Yale University in
the USA demonstrated that, on silicon chip- and transistor- scales, light can
attract and repel itself like electric charges/magnets (this is the “optical force”, a
phenomenon that theorists first predicted in 2005 {I find this "time delay" rather
confusing since James Clerk Maxwell showed that light is an electromagnetic
disturbance approx. 140 years ago}). In the event of the universe having an
underlying electronic foundation, it would include "silicon chip- and transistor-
scales” and the Optical Force would not be restricted to microscopic scales but
could operate on a universal scale.
If all forms of electromagnetic radiation can attract/repel, radio waves will cause
communication revolution e.g. with the Internet and mobile (cell) phones. I
anticipate that there may be no more overexposure to ultraviolet or X-rays.
In agreement with the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics, EM waves
have particle-like properties (more noticeable at high frequencies) so cosmic rays
(actually particles) are sometimes listed on the EM spectrum beyond its highest