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How To Get Started Using Microsoft Access
Even If You've Never Used It Before
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Thank you for downloading this ebook.
Over the coming weeks I am going to be showing you some cool stuff you can do in
MS Access. I will be sending out FREE videos and PDF documents demonstrating a
wealth of techniques and information.
Some samples are
How to create a spell checker in your Access forms
How to run Word documents from Access
How to interface with Excel
Determine if your date falls on a national holiday or a weekend
How to make your text box change color depending on your data
Control the number of records that get printed in your report
How to import worksheets from Excel
Handling database corruption
Good form and bad form design
How to duplicate one form record into another at the touch of a button
How to email tables, queries etc right within Access
And many many more……
It does not matter which version of MS Access you are using. You are bound to find
something useful in the content you will receive.
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