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How to Draw an Eye
Expressive eyes are the key feature in drawing people. Eyes are the windows to the
soul, so goes the old saying, and it's especially true in illustration.
First, draw a rough oval in the general shape of the
eye, then draw in a circle with part of the top reaching
above the top curve, adjusting the position to indicate
the direction the subject is looking (in this case, straight
Next, draw a curve for the eyelid, using the top of the
circle as a rough guide. Erase the guideline.
Deciding on an eye color, fill in the iris with a light
version of the color, and draw a line of dark color
across the top of the iris - this gives the eye the illusion
of depth and 3-dimensionality.
Then fill in the pupil with a very dark color or black
before adding light-reflections as highlights. I find that it
gives more realism if the light reflections go across the
pupil and the iris.
Finally, add eyelashes, and sharpen up details.