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How to Draw a Woman’s Face from the Side
First, draw an oval shape the size you want the
woman's face to be, or a bit smaller.
Next, divide it in half horizontally (1), then divide that
space in half (2).
These lines will help you properly proportion the
features of the face. They will be erased later.
Draw a vertical line curving from line (2) to line (1).
Next, divide the oval in half horizontally (3), then
divide each half (4-5) again.
Then divide those sections in half (6-7).
Finally, divide the front half of section (2) in half again
Draw an ear along line (2) between lines (3) and (5).
The eye is placed along line (3), starting at line (8).
The bridge of the nose starts at line (6), the tip peaks
at (7), and the bottom of the nose ends in the middle
between (7) and (5).
Lips center across line (5), ending at line (8).
Erase the guidelines and the top of the skull before
drawing in the hair and cleaning up the final image.
You will find that some of the details need to be
tweaked slightly before the image looks right (for
example, in this image, the ear was too large, and
curves were enhanced on the chin, jaw, and