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How to Draw a Woman’s Face
First, draw an oval shape the size you want the woman's
face to be, or a bit smaller.
Next, divide it in half horizontally (1), then divide that space
in half (2) and that space again in half (3).
Finally, divide the oval in half vertically (4).
These lines will help you properly proportion the features of
the face. They will be erased later.
Next, on the top line, divide each side of the vertical center
line (1) into thirds.
On the inside marks, draw guidelines down to the lower line
(3) and mark them off.
On the middle line (2), mark a notch on each side of the
guidelines in the centre, as shown.
Draw rough ears on each side of the head, generally from
the top of the eye line to the nose line or just below.
Using the notches on the top line, add two small ovals for
the eyes.
On the middle line, widen the notches to become nostrils,
and on the bottom line, draw a pair of lips between the
guideline notches.
Also, make a notch halfway between the top of the head
and the eye-line. This will be the hair line.