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Drawing Anime
So you want to draw anime, huh? Did you know that learning to draw "anime" isn't really
any different from just "learning to draw"? A lot of kids (myself included, way-back-
when) think of drawing "anime" and drawing "realistic" as two completely different
things. In their mind, the two are separated so much, that they feel that the techniques
used to learn them are different, but they're not. If you want to draw a person, you need
to learn how to draw a person. You can change the proportions, or the "style" of the
facial features all you want, but the skeleton underneath is still the same. The same
basic rules apply to anime "style" as to "realistic" art. It's all human figure drawing to
begin with, so that's what you really need to learn.
Here are some "basic" concepts that one has to accept in order to advance in their
ability to draw:
A human body has a skeleton in it that is solid and doesn't deform. Your bones
don't bend in half, and they remain a constant length (they don't grow longer or
shorter from one picture to the next, unless the character has actually aged).
A human body had muscles over the bones that determine what the shape of the
body will be. Generally, these muscles are not best represented by rounded
masses. They have specific shapes, and if you actually learn where the muscles
are, and what they're shaped like, your drawings will be far more accurate.
A human body is a three-dimensional mass that has depth, and exists in
perspective. Just like you'd draw a box with perspective, you have to think about
the same things when you draw a body.
The best way to learn to draw people is to actually look at them. Life-Drawing is the
absolute best option, but most kids don't have access to that sort of thing (which is quite
unfortunate). Studying anatomical anatomy, bones, muscles, and actually observing
and drawing from a live nude model, are truly the best ways to learn to draw a person. If
you are still in junior or senior high, and truly have an interest in pursuing drawing, I