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The SongMix Method
How to Write a Hit Rock Song in 1 Hour
By Dan-O at
SongMix Method: How to Write a Hit Rock Song in 1 Hour
Table of Contents
Part 1: Change How You Look At Songwriting
How to Become a “Great” Artist
What You Will Need
Before You Start: Understanding the Rock Genre
Part 2: How to Write a Hit Rock Song
Constructing the “Proven Rock Lyric Vocabulary” (PRLV): 10 minutes
Imagining a Story or Theme: 5 minutes
Writing Lyric Lines: 20 minutes
Structuring and Fine-Tuning the Song: 10 minutes
Choosing Chords: 5 minutes
6 Rules for Singing the Melody: 10 minutes
Part 3: What to Do With Your Songs
Putting It All Together
A Better Way to Write Commercial Songs
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