How to Use Pennies to Create eBay Profit$ HTML version

I have written this book to show you one way how many people are making good
profits on eBay and how you can too. This book will not describe any get-rich-quick
schemes or any overnight fly-by scams. You will not get rich using this way, but over time,
you can make some good profits on eBay. What this book will show is a way in which I and
many people are using pennies to make profits on eBay. Yes, I did say pennies, but more
specifically, penny auctions.
This book will describe in detail how to use penny auction sites to buy items and then
turn around and resell them on eBay and other websites. People have been buying and
selling items for years. Now the Internet just gives everyone new ways to make extra money
by buying and selling.
There are dozens of penny auctions sites currently out there on the Internet. New ones
are popping up every week. I personally use only a couple websites currently. However, I
am constantly looking into other sites that may be worth joining. The website that I enjoy
using and will speak mostly about is QuiBids.
I will go over how QuiBids and other penny websites work. I will not go over how
eBay works as there are already hundreds of books and ebooks written about eBay. I will
show you some examples on what I’ve purchased on penny sites and turned around and sold
them on eBay for nice profits. Then I will give you some of my tips when using penny