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Mining the Incentive Gold
1. Incentive Referrals
With this system you simply select one or more products to offer to your visitors. These
products will each have a referral requirement associated to them. To acquire one of these
rewards, users will have to sign up to the site, complete one sponsored offer themselves and
then refer the adequate number of people.
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While the first method is still the most frequently used, the points system is rapidly gaining in
popularity and with good reason. With this system, offers are converted into a fixed point value.
These points are then redeemed for various rewards in a “point shop”.
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3. Freebie Lottery
This is the newest addition to the incentivized marketing family. Instead of being converted to
points, offer dollars are converted to raffle tickets. Sites offer different attractive rewards and
users complete offers to earn tickets for the draw. There is no limit to how many and what kind
of pots can be put up for grabs.
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Build your own profitable incentive marketing site now!
Affiliate marketing has been and will remain one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money online. It is a
simple process whereby publishers or website owners drive traffic to advertiser sites and reap a reward for their efforts
in the form of a commission every time a customer makes a purchase.
Incentive marketing was first “created” approximately 3 years ago and some of the first
players on the market have already made millions.
With the right software individuals from any background can channel the power of
incentivized marketing and create their own site quickly and easily. If you need webhosting I
recommend Godaddy. To get the program with all the features and all the functions of even
the biggest incentive sites click here.
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Incentive Referrals
2. Point Based