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Mining the Incentive Gold
How to use Incentives & Leveraging to REALLY PROFIT from Affiliate Programs
by Stacy Goebel
Affiliate Marketing and offering Incentives
I have worked for years online, building a nice subscriber base and signing up for affiliate
programs and running ads in my newsletter, but the results were disappointing. Now just like I
have discovered, I would like to help you start your own business, set your own hours, spend
time doing what you want while making great income online!
Thousands of businesses use affiliate programs to acquire new customers. Affiliate marketing
has fast become one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make a living online. Incentivized
marketing is founded on the affiliate principle but adds a special twist that drives conversions
through the roof and makes the whole process even easier.
Incentive Marketing & Money Leveraging
How can you get people to be more willing to sign up for these affiliate offers to generate huge
commissions? Very simply by offering them a great incentive to do so: something free. With
incentivized marketing, you are not limited to discounts and cheap gifts that nobody wants. You
can offer any real world or digital product with just about any price tag for free. Here is how.
Offers provided from advertisers on affiliate networks leverage or create money. They do so
because of the gap in between the cost of signing up to the offer and the commission generated
by this same signup.
The most striking of these is perhaps an offer called AOL Musicnet. For every user that signs up
for a one month free trial, the advertiser pays a commission of $37. There are different ways that
you can give back a part of this money to that user in exchange for them signing up in the first
I have the power solutions for this money leveraging system.
At this time, the market is so new that it is literally bursting with opportunity. Here are the three
ways that you can operate the system:
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