How to Unlock An iPhone - Step by Step HTML version

Preparation and software downloads
Before you start, you should remove any SIM-card from the iPhone.
You'll need to download two files - the iUnlock PC software, and the iPhone software:
1. iUnlock PC-software - 16MB
This is a self extracting zip.
2. The latest iPhone firmware file - 246MB.
Make sure you save it as a .ipsw file, and remember where you save it. You should not open it as an archive and
extract files from it.
You can get free formal version tutorial containing downloading links on
You will also need to have iTunes 8.0 or higher installed. If you do not already have that, you can download iTunes here: - You can check your version by clicking Help About iTunes. Version number is
shown on the first line that scrolls upwards.
Restoring/Upgrading Your iPhone to newer Version
This step may be skipped if you are sure you already have new version installed on your phone, but we recommend to do it
anyway to ensure that your phone is in a completely fresh state.
Turn off your phone by holding the power button for 5 seconds, and then drag the slider to power it off. Disconnect the
cable if it's connected (or remove it from the dock). Start up iTunes.
Hold down the Home button on the phone while connecting the USB-cable. (or putting it in the dock) Keep holding
the button, and after a few seconds the phone will show a picture of a cable and the iTunes icon.
When the PC detects the phone, iTunes will show a message telling you that the phone needs to be restored:
Click OK, and then hold down the SHIFT-key on your keyboard while clicking the "Restore" button:
A file dialog will show, letting you pick a file firmware. You need to select the iPhone firmware file (.ipsw) you downloaded
in the previous step. Browse to the path you downloaded the file to and double-click on the firmware file
Tutorial is written by David Hala. Text and pictures copyrighted © 2008