How to Unlock An iPhone - Step by Step HTML version

iUnlock Tutorial
Preparation and software downloads
Restoring/upgrading iPhone firmware
Performing the unlock
Words and phrases
Cydia and Installer
More ...
Tips and FAQ
How to move and reorder icons
Change language/dictionary
How to take a screenshot
Unlocking, activating and jailbreaking the original iPhone
This tutorial will help you do the following to your iPhone:
Activate the iPhone
Jailbreak the file system
Unlock the SIM-lock
This tutorial assumes you are on a PC with Windows XP or Windows Vista. After you are done you can of course use your
iPhone with any PC or Mac.
Note: You may also follow this tutorial if you have an iPhone with old firmware, and want to upgrade to latest version.
Even if you already upgraded by mistake, and your phone is not usable, following this tutorial will in most cases fix
it. If not, just contact us and we'll help you.
The tutorial was last updated November 23rd, 2008.This tutorial is for guiding to unlock original iPhone.
New! iPhone 3G SIM-lock is now possible to unlock!----iUnlock Pro 3G is available on website -
iUnlock Pro 3G can not only activate and jailbreak, but unlock SIM-lock in iPhone 3G that prevents from getting signal with
other SIM-cards than the original. In addition to unlocking the SIM-lock our tutorial will also explain how to install the
Installer and Cydia applications, giving you access to many great applications that Apple does not have in their App Store.
Tutorial is written by David Hala. Text and pictures copyrighted © 2008