How to Start the Life of Your Dreams! HTML version

How to start the life of your dreams! Life’s FUNdaMENTAL!
Hi! My name is Deni, short for Denise.
After accidentally starting my family while still a teenager, I guess
you could say that I'm not worldly traveled.
Over the years of my adult life though, I have had two beautiful
children, developed and tousled a relationship with my husband,
been in successful businesses, done plenty of stupid things, lived
on 2 minute noodles one minute, and ate at fancy restaurants the
Money wise, potentially I would have easily wasted opportunities to acquire a few hundred
thousand dollars, and wasted thousands of dollars in general. I have been through ups and downs
and bounced back.
I love my life! All of it's good points and even the bad. Lessons are being taught continually as I
learn from my mistakes, my parent's mistakes and of those around me.
Out of all the lessons I have learnt, and with all the fun I have, I believe in one driving point:
Life is what you make it.
You have the power to guide your thoughts on what you think and believe.
Your actions are a direct result of what you think and believe.
Your actions are what gives you results.
So...If you keep doing the same thing, how can you expect a different result?
Originally, I wrote down some notes to help a friend of mine, and the words kept on flowing.
“Wow!” I thought. “This is pretty cool stuff, and easy for anyone to follow, to change their life.”
Then I realised that I wasn’t following my own instructions, and felt that a workbook style journal
would make my life a lot easier.
Now I use this book myself. By using this workbook, I am helping to ensure that my days are
productive, which helps me to succeed in fulfilling my goals.
Work in your dream life journal daily, and see where you take yourself. It will be a new positive
direction. Be amazed at your power and all of your achievements!