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How To Start A Business

The Right Way

How can you avoid the top 4 success saboteurs all entrepreneurs should avoid and find your perfect business? 

Written by:

Steve Little

Zero Limits LLC

All Rights Reserved

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~


There are literally hundreds of books, magazines and periodicals not to mention internet sites dedicated to teaching you everything you wanted to know about starting a business.

People that are ready to go into business usually understand the need for things like market analysis, a solid business plan and niche research. If you are like minded, you have undoubtedly decided on a specific business model and have done some due diligence to ensure what you want to create should be able to work and eventually become profitable.

Most of these products offer some important advice; what they do not offer are detailed exploration on exactly how to build the right business, your perfect business with you in mind.

The question is will this model be what you truly want in your life? Will this be the perfect business for you? How can you avoid some of the major pitfalls that most people never consider when building any business?

Can you discover your life‟s purpose, develop a business you really love and expand your dreams? How can you avoid the top 4 success saboteurs all entrepreneurs should avoid?

Learning how to start the business the right way means considering all of these things. Let us discover together how you can create your perfect business when you start a business the right way.

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~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

By Stephan “Steve” Little -

Often heralded as crusaders committed to improving society who make money in the process, entrepreneurs are often described as people who operate a new enterprise or venture and accept full accountability for the inherent risks associated with it.

By their very nature successful entrepreneurs are wired a little differently from most. They often operate outside of the conventional and blaze sometimes radical new success paths for others to follow.

Usually beginning with nothing more than an inspiration or an idea they "go it alone" for a time developing a business strategy, researching the market, developing and testing a unique value proposition, business models distribution methods and so forth.

Understanding the universal Laws of Success, they intuitively know to focus their most powerful mental energy through affirmative focused thought, visualization, and meditation to engage the deep subconscious and develop the inner where-with-all for truly inspired action and accomplishment.

As the idea takes shape, they know to share the idea openly and enroll the energy of others to aid in the generation or manifestation of the desired outcome.

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~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

However, because of these very traits, entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to an insidious assortment of challenges to productivity and accomplishment.

The key difference between highly successful entrepreneurs and others is, that they do not become subject to or a victim of these challenges.

Instead they innovate personal behavioral practices and strategies that equip them to conquer and overcome them.

Here are 4 of the most common success saboteurs along with 4

techniques that will help you prevail over them too: Success Saboteur #1 -


It is in an entrepreneur‟s nature to enthusiastically take on a continuously growing collection of projects and tasks. The urge to multitask can be overwhelming at times.

Do you find yourself clicking from window to window on your computer writing articles, responding to emails and browsing the web in frenetic time slices?

Is your office cluttered with 3, 6, 12 or more projects in progress?

Are you proud to report to others that you are a good “multi-tasker”?

The fact is multitasking is not a badge of honor. It is instead a silent saboteur of your productivity and success.

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~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

While it may feel like you are busy and doing a lot of work, at the end of the day you will find that, while there may be lots of checks on a task list, the accomplishment of those things you are most purposefully committed to is lacking.

It has been scientifically proven that the capacity for generative creative thought decreases rapidly with the number of concurrent

„multi-tasks‟ you undertake at once.

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day feeling exhausted and spent, looked back and felt like, even though you did a lot, you did not accomplish much?

If so, you have been a victim of the Multitasking saboteur.

Success Saboteur #2 -

Distraction & Interruption

Whether you work in a busy corporate office space or at home on the dining-room table, you are subject to a wide variety of distractions and interruptions.

In the office, coworkers stop by to ask a question or impose their coffee break on your calendar.

When working from home you can become subject to children coming and going, pets needing attention, package delivery or just the call of the coffee pot right in the next room.

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~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

The most pervasive distraction and interruption by far is email.

Before I recognized it I had been known to hit the 'Send/Receive'

button a hundred times or more in a single day.

It was almost like my entrepreneurial mind was subconsciously hoping to be interrupted by another new project opportunity to hit my inbox.

I read a productivity study some time ago that reported that for each interruption you experience, you lose between 20 and 40 minutes of productivity.

In essence it takes your mind between 10 and 20 minutes to ramp down for the interruption and another 10 to 20 minutes to ramp back up to productivity on a new focus.

With this information you can easily imagine that 3 or 4 interruptions can easily cost you an entire day of productivity and rob you of your success edge.

Take a moment to reflect on your typical day or week.

How many instances of distraction or interruption do you see?

Multiply that number by 20 minutes each and consider what more you might have accomplished if you had that time back.

Success Saboteur #3 -


Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 6

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Friction is an inefficiency created by anything that is not supporting you.

It can show up in a variety of ways. A poorly performing computer or communication system creates efficiency friction.

Poor or ineffective interpersonal communications within your team, your organization or others creates multiple kinds of friction that can steal enormous amounts of time and mental energy.

An uncomfortable, noisy, or cluttered work environment creates yet another, often subconscious, kind of friction. Maintaining awareness of all the clutter robs you of vital thought capacity and constantly slows your progress.

These, and literally hundreds of other causes of friction, rob you of creative energy, curtail your productivity and inhibit your success each and every day.

You‟ll want to eliminate as much friction as possible as quickly as possible.

Let me illustrate:

When I began creating this program the work load I was putting on my laptop computer increased dramatically.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 7

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

That little machine I purchased primarily to write with couldn‟t handle all the video and audio editing I was doing and the shared internet connection I was using didn‟t help.

I didn‟t notice it at first, but I was doing a lot of „waiting‟ on that computer. It was just a little aggravating at first. But as the urgency for productivity and project completion increased, the intensity of that frustration grew and grew.

And much like the old adage about cooking a frog slowly so it won‟t hop out of the pan (although I don‟t know why anyone would want to cook a frog), one day, I finally noticed it.

I had been a victim of „friction‟. A system, in this case a computer, was not supporting me effectively and was slowing, in fact inhibiting, my success progress.

By replacing the computer with one better suited to handle the new work-load and increasing the capacity of my internet access, I eliminated the friction, and immediately increased productivity and success leverage.

Take a look around on your average work day. Anything that slows you down or frustrates you in any way is a source of friction.

What sources of friction do you see?

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 8

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Make a list of as many things as you can find. Query others in or around your work space to see if they have noticed anything you‟ve missed.

Now, with your list in front of you, what would it take to eliminate each of these sources of friction?

(Don‟t say „money‟. The removal of friction will result in an immediate increase in productivity and success and bring you the money.) Take action immediately and remove the friction in your life. You‟ll be surprised by how much more easily success occurs.

Success Saboteur #4 -

Mind Chatter

Do you ever try to sit “quietly” and find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for more than 10 or 15 seconds?

Do thoughts, ideas, conversations, and memories race through your mind like a film running at high speed?

Some describe this like standing in a completely dark room full of people all of whom are speaking to you at once.

Mind Chatter keeps you from focusing your thought energy on the desired outcome and inhibits the realization of success.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 9

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

In ThePerfectBizFinder Program Manual & Workbook entitled, “How to Find Your Perfect Business in 21-Days of Less Without Breaking a Sweat” I wrote:

Any conscious intention you set to succeed, can and will be

frustrated and possibly completely thwarted by one or

more ‘counter-intention(s)’ that lurk within a subconscious

(limiting) belief that you cannot, will not, or do not deserve


Mind Chatter not only keeps you off balance, in constant interrupt and unable to focus our most powerful and productive mental energy, but it also disrupts the flow of subconscious thought energy which is vital to the generation and manifestation of the inspired ideas necessary for success.

Mind Chatter is the 4th success saboteur.

It is clear from this list that the majority of these have to do with disruptions to the mental clarity and focus necessary to generate success.

Knowing this it shouldn‟t surprise you to hear that the most successful people in business (and anything else for that matter) have master the skills necessary to overcome these silent thieves that pilfer the results of even your most ardent efforts.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 10

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Of all things that curtail your success efforts, anything that disrupts you ability to focus your most powerful and effective mental energy is the most costly to your accomplishments.

The good news is that you do not have to blaze this trail on your own.

Success leaves clues and there are ample sources of information resources that can help you avoid becoming an unwitting victim of these success bandits.

There is no doubt that successful entrepreneurs have mastered a broad array of techniques, practices and habits to keep themselves focused, on purpose, and on the success track. These include various meditation, relaxation and visualization techniques which are outside the scope of this report, but which are covered thoroughly as part of

ThePerfectBizFinder Program.

Regardless of the specific technique you use, it is abundantly clear, that the skeletal framework of success is comprised of faith, determination, and persistent practice of effective success generating habits.

The effectiveness of any success tool, technique, or method

is completely determined by the consistency of its

application. As you read through the remainder of this

article, consider ways you can reinforce the consistent

application of the techniques provided.

Here are 4 simple but powerful techniques that will help you prevail over the saboteurs and obstacles to your success: Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 11

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

1. Clear Focus:

Your objective is to manage your calendar to create blocks of dedicated time as large as possible for each and every important activity.

Each important task should get a minimum of 2 hours of dedicated, un-interrupted focused attention throughout your week as necessary to complete the project or task in its entirety.

More than 2 hours is even better, but 2 hours is an absolute minimum.

If the task or activity you are working on is not important or significant enough to take that large a block of your productive time, then it is probably not an activity that will contribute considerably to success anyway and should be deferred to either someone else or combined with other similar activities and completed together in another 2 hour block time.

For instance, with activities like responding to email or returning phones calls, it is often tempting to go ahead and take care of them as they „show-up‟. But the fact is that your success will be better served by scheduling one or more 2+ hour blocks of time throughout your week to handle all email and phone responses. This one change to the way you manage your use of time will dramatically increase your productivity and sense of accomplishment. And, as an extra added bonus, you‟ll be pleased to learn just how non-urgent many of those interrupts that currently seem so vital actually are.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 12

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

So, take the time to allocate all your projects and/or activities in dedicated blocks of time a minimum of 2 hours in duration. Then, within each block of focused time, you will work in a quiet, comfortable, and frictionless workspace on one thing and one thing only.

No multitasking. No email. No interruptions. No other distractions.

This will be challenging at first. And you‟ll likely have to retrain the people around you for a brief period so they understand the importance of honoring your desire to focus. I used to place a “do not disturb I‟m making you money” sign on the door of my office while in a

„clear focus‟ block of time.

By doing that I empowered others to help me accomplish more. The soon learned that if there was a sign on the door then nothing could be more important than what I was focused on (unless the building was on fire or something). No sign meant that nothing was more important to me than whatever it is that they wanted to ask of or share with me.

As you‟ll see in a moment, by remaining consistent with this routine and respectfully supporting others when not in „clear focus‟ I empowered other to accomplish more as well.

ThePerfectBizFinder Program includes a lesson entitled „Target Your Triumphs. In it I reveal a specific and very effective method for using Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 13

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

your calendar to automatically generate greater levels if accomplishment in everything you endeavor in business and in life.

You learn a powerful technique for building everything you‟re truly committed to accomplishing into your calendar in such a way that success is automatic.

For the purposes of this report, it will have to suffice to suggest that when you record any block of time, especially the 2 hour „clear focus‟

entries in your calendar, record them as the accomplishment you intend. That is, as if the reason or intention of the activity is already completed or accomplished.

For instance, if you‟re scheduling the time for an activity like phone prospecting, record it in your calendar in the form of what you intend to accomplish. Perhaps something like:

“I‟ve enjoyed meeting and speaking with dozens of new prospective clients and am excited about the 4 appointments I‟ve confirmed”

Do you see how this practice of „clear focus‟ will help you get the things you‟re truly committed to accomplishing done?

2. Relax

In between these blocks of Clear Focus, you will take a 15 to 30 minute break to completely and totally relax.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 14

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Again, no text messaging, returning phone calls, filing papers or emailing. And don‟t go imposing your „relaxation time‟ one somebody else when they are in their „clear focus‟ time.

Instead, get up, get out of your office or workspace, go for a walk, and change your scenery. You might find a shady spot under a tree or quiet corner in the library of a conference room, close your eyes, meditate, take a nap, listen to some calming music, or do whatever you do to completely and totally relax.

This has profound impact on your psyche and generates a powerfully attractive experience of accomplishment and success. It will also stimulate and re-energize the creative thought centers or your brain and prepare you for hyper-productivity during the next „clear focus‟

block of time.

You will not only feel better but you will also draw-out what will seem like miraculously fresh inspiration and energy into your success efforts.

Your mind, body, and spirit will work cohesively and in perfect synchronization.

Your productivity will literally sky-rocket.

While it is counter-intuitive to think that NOT pressing on to the next project or task immediately will result in an increase in higher quality output, trust me it will.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 15

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

But even more importantly than that is the experience of success you will realize and enjoy along the way. It will seem an effortless pleasure as opposed to a frenetic race to some non-existent destination. You will find an unlimited source of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm.

This will quite literally “attract” even more of the same to you, and your experience of success will be positively transformed.

3. Create Routines

For everything that is important to do, create a routine. The extent to which you can establish consistent routines, you will free up enormous amounts of positive mental energy and think-capacity for the generation of your inspired success ideas.

Steven Covey explains that time management is a misnomer. We do not manage time. We manage ourselves. By creating routines you eliminate or at least reduce the deleterious effects of the mismanagement of yourself.

When I hear people complain about not having enough time, I am immediately reminded that their challenge is not truly about the availability of time.

Rather, it is actually the responsible and productive management of time that contributes to your success experience. It is what you choose to do or not do with time that challenges the outcome you desire.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 16

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

In the “Target Your Triumphs” within ThePerfectBizFinder Program I explain how to go about using your calendar to record a step by step roadmap to success in all areas of life (including; business, money, relationships, fitness, recreation, personal growth and community contribution).

The bottom line is that routines do not restrict you, they empower you.

The more routines you can incorporate into your daily activities the more effortless your success becomes. Through years of practice my day, and all that is involved in owning and operating 5 (and sometimes more) businesses, seems completely and utterly effortless.

The only time I run into „trouble‟ is when I don‟t follow the routine.

There is another factor that shows up in many people at this point.

You may be experiencing it right now.

Often time people feel that managing time through routine is restrictive and/or that there is not „enough‟ time to get everything done. Well that‟s sort of the point isn‟t it?

Most people (often unknowingly) struggle with very powerful subconscious „programs‟ that inhibit the effective use of time.

People who believe there is not enough time are operating with specific (limiting) beliefs either about what is possible for them, or about what it takes, in terms of the amount of time and/or effort, to be successful.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 17

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Somewhere along the way they installed a belief about time; perhaps that time is limited or that success in business (or anything else) takes a lot time and or effort, or something like that.

If these people are challenged to consider their life experience they would find that their experience of the lack of time is a recurring theme that has curtailed and continues to curtail success in all areas of life.

Do you ever find yourself saying things like; “If I only had more time to spend with my kids” or “there is just not enough time in the day for me to exercise and eat properly”?

If so, then you are a victim of one or more “beliefs” about the availability of time. This is a clear illustration of how a subconscious counter-intentional belief can sabotage success.

The fact is that you have the same amount of time as every successful person you admire or aspire to.

By learning how to eliminate and clear these (limiting) beliefs and by establishing routines that support and reinforce the specific decision and actions necessary to accomplish the desired level success, you dis-empower the limiting beliefs while simultaneously making yourself available for more frequent and larger blocks of clear focus time.

One the most telling key differences between highly successful people and the rest is the routine disciplined habitual practice of eliminating subconscious negative programming.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 18

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Keep in mind that you are the highest leverage resource in your business.

No one you hire (family, friend, employee or contractor) can create as great a return on your investment as you can.

By routinely attending to your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self, you are equipped for hyper-effective accomplishment and astonishing levels of success.

Put as many routines as possible in place. Use the calendaring techniques you‟ll learn in the „Target Your Triumphs” lesson to lock-in the accomplishments that support the successful lifestyle you seek.

And invest yourself in routines that cultivate a powerful success mindset that will act as a lightening-rod for action oriented success inspiration.

While outside the scope of this free report, within ThePerfectBizFinder

Program  you‟ll learn the extraordinarily powerful techniques I‟ve learned from many of the most successful people in industry today and used repeatedly to effortless generate astonishing levels of accomplishment and success.

The ability to create routines that serve your success is a vital skill to develop.

4. Rest, Renew, & Recover

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 19

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

It is sometimes challenging for entrepreneurs, especially inexperienced entrepreneurs, to remember why he or she chose to be an entrepreneur to begin with.

For most, it is about freedom and contribution.

In one dimension this may refer to the freedom to pursue inspirations, dreams, and aspirations and make a significant contribution to others and perhaps the world.

In another it has to do with the freedom to fully experience and enjoy the primary relationships you have with loved ones, friends and others.

Regardless, in order to achieve the success experience you seek you must have and maintain a crystal clear vision of the success you desire.

Left unabated however, the energy and enthusiasm drawn out of the entrepreneur in the passionate pursuit of this clear vision can consume your life and you can literally lose touch with who you are and why you chose the entrepreneurial path to begin with.

You MUST allow yourself the opportunity to rest, renew, and recover.

The only way to do this is to completely unplug and remove yourself from the entrepreneurial pursuit altogether for an extended period of time.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 20

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

You will want to build into your calendar (Targeting Your Triumphs again) a minimum of two consecutive days each week away from your business and away from your business relationships.

That means no business related activity or contact what-so-ever.

Instead, invest this time completely and totally to rest, relaxation and recovery.

Renew your connection with your loved ones, with yourself and who you are and what you‟re up to in life. Take a trip, visit a museum, read a book, play with your kids, pursue your favorite hobby, whatever.

Just don‟t work in your business.

I recognize that in the urgent rush to get your business up, running and profitable you‟re driven to work late into the evenings, over the weekends, throughout the holidays and even during a vacation.

I know working like that is part of the romantic image of the „damn the torpedoes‟ risk-taking entrepreneur.

And I know that, if you‟re building your Perfect Business, because you‟ll be doing what you love, it will seem more like play than work.

But take it from a 40 year veteran of entrepreneurial success, I know that this approach to success in life and business is completely and utterly wrong.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 21

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Many will tell you that entrepreneurial success requires long hours of painful sacrifice and suffering. They are wrong.

Many will tell you that successful business ownership requires you to defer the things you really want until later; after you‟ve made „enough‟

money to enjoy yourself. They are wrong.

The single most important principle I‟d like you to get out of this report is that there IS no later in your success pursuit….there IS no destination called “success”.

Your success experience starts right here, right now with the realization that your Perfect Business MUST serve all the success experiences, the personal fulfillment, the lifestyle and the financial rewards you want right now and throughout your entire success journey.

Don‟t fall victim to the notion that you must sacrifice or defer the purposeful pursuit of those experiences you are most committed to having in life.

If conceived, designed and organized correctly,  your Perfect Business

will deliver them to you now and forever more and you will experience success in the truest sense of the word.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 22

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

By mastering these 4 simple yet powerful daily practices, you will experience astonishing levels of satisfying and rewarding success immediately.

You will be modeling after many of the most successful people in industry today.

I know it works because it worked for me.

I know it will work for you because it‟s worked for the thousands of others I‟ve given them to.

Now that you know what the top 4 success saboteurs are and what to do to overcome them, don‟t allow them to rule your success experience.

Instead take them on proactively by building these simple practices in to your day.

Keep in mind that success is a journey not a destination.

Building a successful business is as much about developing your individual capacity to succeed as it is creating, marketing and delivering products and services. There is no doubt you will be challenged along the way. All business owners are.

What makes the difference between the wildly successful, the average success, and those who struggle, has more to do with the mastery of these kinds of personal success practices and habits than any other factor.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 23



~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

In this lesson I shared 4 simple success tips that will accelerate your success. Let me challenge you to try them out for 30 days to see what happens.

Go for it!

I‟m standing for all that‟s possible for you in life and business.

Sincerely & Gratefully,

Stephan “Steve” Little:

Founder - Zero Limits LLC, HowToBeginABusiness, ThePerfectBizFinder & ThePerfectBizBuilder




Fan Page:


Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 24

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

The information in this report is just a tiny sampling, the tip of the iceberg if you will, of the volumes of success insuring training, instruction and support I have for you in my PerfectBizFinder and

PerfectBizBuilder Programs.

People do not fail because of lack of desire, skill or ability.

They struggle because they lack the key inner resources and

mastery of the disciplined success skills necessary to

generate the success they desire.

In the 4 decades I‟ve been building businesses, I‟ve learned a thing or two about success and how to have it.

And now I‟ve made it my personal mission to teach you what I know about creating the wildly successful business of your dreams. A business that ignites your passions, charges you with enthusiasm and motivation and truly delivers the success you seek in all areas of life.

In other words your Perfect Business.

About Steve

As a dedicated husband and father, champion athlete, author, skilled craftsman, accomplished musician, and acclaimed veteran entrepreneur, I understand the critical importance of finding and designing your business or vocation so that it serves and delivers the achievement of the all the things you are purposefully committed to accomplishing in ALL areas of life.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 25

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

I regularly advise business owners on how to develop the key inner resources, the mental capacity for success and the vital personal success skills necessary to generate powerful advantage-making strategies and win big in both life and business.

I help wanna-be business owners, early stage entrepreneurs, as well as established business owners and corporate leadership overcome the myriad of complex challenges they face and help develop breakthrough strategies for finding, designing, organizing and building a business that grows rapidly to provide the satisfying and rewarding financial and lifestyle returns they expect and deserve.

My mission, my purpose, my unwavering commitment is to

help you enjoy owning the wildly successful business

success of your dreams.

I have been building successful businesses for nearly 4 decades. In that time, I‟ve enjoyed a multitude of successful ventures of virtually all kinds. Everything from my first commercial venture at the age of 13, which sold a few years later for a handsome 6-figure sum, to successful venture capital backed software companies which I helped grow to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, produce dramatic returns for investors, employ thousands of people world-wide. I‟ve built just as many wildly successful home-based, lifestyle businesses too.

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 26

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

Throughout the past 10 years I‟ve personally coached hundreds of business owners, executives and corporate leadership teams to astonishing levels of personal and professional success. I am a highly sought-after business success leader, adviser, mentor and coach. I am recognized as one of the leading experts in developing peak individual and team performance.

I‟ve learned a thing or two about success and how to achieve it. And now, I‟ve made it my personal mission to share what I know about success in business (and in life) with you.

About ThePerfectBizFinder & ThePerfectBizBuilder

In early 2008 at the prompting a my wife Kimberly, many friends, business associates and venture capitalists, I decided to distill my 40

years of experience and learning into a collection of information products and programs for the expressed purpose of helping you find and build the wildly successful and rewarding business of your dreams.

The bottom line truth of the matter is that success in business is NOT

what most people think it is. And I have the war-wounds and battle-scars to prove it. I decided it was time for someone to stand-up and silence all this „get-rich-quick-and-easy‟, „make money without knowing or doing anything‟ nonsense out there and tell you what it REALLY takes to succeed in business (and in life).

Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 27

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

So, I invested the majority of 2008 creating two truly amazing programs which cut out all the B.S. and deliver exactly what you need.

ThePerfectBizFinder  and ThePerfectBizBuilder programs, are one of a kind programs which reveal, step-by-step, exactly how to break-through the success saboteurs that block you and keep you from ever accomplishing the success you seek.

About  ThePerfectBizFinder Program

ThePerfectBizFinder  is a self-paced home study program that guides self-starters through a step by step process that results not only in a business that delivers what you want, but equips you with the advantage-making thinking skills and disciplines necessary to achieve more than you‟ve ever thought possible.

About ThePerfectBizBuilder Program

ThePerfectBizBuilder expands considerably on these powerful success building principles, methods and techniques and is delivered with the advantage of ongoing one-on-one support from a dedicated business building success expert.

My team of master success specialist literally roll-up their sleeves and, through a program that is custom tailored specifically for you and your needs, escort you through the entire process each and every step of the Copyright © Stephan Little, Zero Limits LLC - All Rights Reserved 28

~How To Start A Business . . . The Right Way~

way and guarantee that you build the wildly successful business of your dreams.

Through these programs you‟ll be equipped and empowered with the skills, techniques and disciplines necessary to find (or transform) and build the business that truly delivers the lifestyle and financial rewards they‟ve always dreamed of, and enjoy the certainty of success.

I am very proud to report that, in this very short period of time, these two programs have helped thousands of people find and build astonishingly successful businesses.

I‟m confident we can do the same for you. You can learn more about these amazing success programs here:

ThePerfectBizFinder Program


ThePerfectBizBuilder Program

( You can register for my information feed and be kept up to date with all the latest developments here:

And if you did not register to receive this free report and for exclusive access to my 100% FREE Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Video Blog, you can do that right here:


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    A complete step by step guide that will show you exactly how to design and build your own website on a budget! Even if you have never done anything like this ...

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  • Work Smart, Go Virtual
    Work Smart, Go Virtual Marketplace by FirstCall - We Add Value
    Work Smart, Go Virtual
    Work Smart, Go Virtual



    Apr 2017

    Virtuаl оffiсе ѕоlutiоnѕ have bееn аrоund fоr a whilе nоw, but thе ѕеrviсеѕ thеу оffеr hаvе сhаngеd drаmаtiсаllу over timе аѕ tесhnоlоgу hаѕ сhаngеd. If уоu а...

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