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Rumors of War
by Peggy Tibbetts
"This is a thriller as well as ... a tragic romance. This
book would make a good movie."
Writer's Digest Certificate of Merit
"... a very powerful and stunning thriller portraying
the horror of finding your reality is not what you
thought it was."
The Book Reader
"... a well laid trap. Set against the backdrop of Desert
Storm, this novel delves into the possibilities behind
the real reason governments traipse off to war."
Midwest Book Review
"5 stars! Tibbetts has given readers a book that is full of plots and subplots ... I liked this book ...
was disappointed when I read the last words."
Scribes World Reviews
" ... a true suspense novel. Whenever I thought I had the plot figured out, Tibbetts would take
me on yet another roller coaster ride by adding an unexpected and exciting twist."
US Times Bestseller List & Reviews
" ... a fast paced novel interlaced with intrigue, danger, passion and ... one woman alone uncov-
ering secrets of dangerous proportions."
Ebook Junction
" ... builds into a frenzy of excitement. Every time you think you know where things are going, it
takes a delightful turn ... leaves you wanting more."
The Bookdragon Review