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Carly's Ghost
by Peggy Tibbetts
" ... a hauntingly good read."
" ... a wonderful tale of sibling rivalry and mystery
that will enthrall readers of all ages."
The Bookdragon Review
"5 Stars! ... very vibrant with detail descriptions that
vividly paint the story with very few words. The dia-
logue is ... very natural. This is a well-written book
that should appeal to any pre-teen ghost story lover
... Carly’s Ghost was cool."
Scribes World Reviews
"9 rating! ... a must add to your wish list! ... takes you
back to that biggest childhood anxiety--'Is my house
" ... much more charming than scary ... Carly’s tenacity and strength make her a very likable
girl." Young Adult Books
"If you’re in the mood for a good, old-fashioned ghost story, then you need to check out Carly’s