How to Reduce Everyday Pain and Inflammation in Your Body! HTML version

Recovery & Rejuvenation
After years of training clients of all abilities, there seems to be one common trend,
we all get sore and have some pain along the way. There now seems to be a shift
towards longer bouts of pain and inflammation with ALL people.
Maybe I just pay better attention to what people are saying or maybe there is a shift
in our society towards a sedentary lifestyle that is wreaking havoc on our bodies? I
do believe we sit too much. We sit at work, in front of a computer, in our cars
commuting to and from work, in front of the TV and while playing video games.
We sit much more often than in the past. Keep in mind, our society is larger (over
weight and obese) than it has ever been. The food supply has more chemicals and
less nutrients than ever before and I haven’t even mentioned the portion sizes that
are out there today. I can’t say I have all the answers, but I will offer some
How to Reduce Everyday Pain and Inflammation in the Body is a manual that will
help you can take control of your body and help it heal, recover and rejuvenate.
Todd M. Cambio, CSCS
1. Why is this Important?
a. You will feel better.
b. You will have less tightness and soreness.
c. You will recover faster from life’s activities
d. You will have less down time due to illness.
e. You will reduce your chance of injury
f. You will reduce pain & inflammation in the body
Todd Cambio
Precision Fitness