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Recovery & Rejuvenation
Todd M. Cambio, CSCS is the owner of Precision
Fitness, LLC in Pawcatuck, CT where he specializes
in FAST Workouts for FAST Results.
He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist through the National Strength and
Conditioning Association as well as a Sports
Todd holds a BS in Dietetics from the University of
Rhode Island as well as a BA in Secondary
Education and Biology from Rhode Island College.
For over 10 years Todd has been educating athletes
on fueling tactics and training modes for optimal
performance. He was a high school biology teacher
from 1999-2007, a high school football coach from
2000 – 2004 and a high school Strength and
Conditioning Coach from 2005 – 2008 before
opening Precision Fitness.
Todd is a former college football player and
nationally ranked BMX racer. His passion for
athletics and sports nutrition led him in the direction
of sports performance training. Athletes train hard
and tend to have lots of pain and inflammation. So
Todd searched for methods that would help his
clients heal faster, feel better and perform better. He
now teaches these strategies to adults, as well as
athletes, who want to look and feel better all the
Todd Cambio
Precision Fitness