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Many thanks for purchasing the above item.. Please read the whole document
carefully and follow it step by step and in the next few weeks you could be receiving
free items through your door
How to Receive Goods: FOR FREE!
3650, 7250, 8910, T68i, Plasma, PDA, DVD and much more!
Let’s start by thanking you for having confidence in buying my guide. What you are about to
discover in this guide is actually no secret in the business community, and soon you will be
thanking yourself too for buying this guide. I really mean it because once you have read this
guide; you will be convinced and will treasure this information.
Let’s remind you of something to start this wonderful guide off with. Remember those free
samples of shampoo, soap or even cat food that sometimes we get through the door? Those
samples are worth nothing but the idea behind them is the same as what I am about to explain
to you.
Companies (manufacturers/suppliers) are busy marketing hard; they want you to buy their
products. In order to persuade you to buy their products, they give you a free sample! I know
this may sound ludicrous and you must be thinking, “Huh! Free sample of shampoo is one
thing, but to get hold of a £400-worth FREE mobile phone is just impossible!” It’s not
impossible! There are so many companies and suppliers using this sales practise. I highly
recommend you carry on reading this guide because it CAN be done! You just need to do
what is shown to you below. Read on, my friend…
If you’re either a distributor, wholesaler, retailer or basically interested in selling a supplier’s
or a company’s specific product, you will discover that they are usually very keen to send you
one or two free samples beforehand.
All it usually takes is a request for price, quantity and a sample or two and the companies are
more than willing to comply – it’s that easy! (I’ll explain that in detail below) Hey guess
what? Once you have contacted a company regarding a product, it’s not uncommon for them
to automatically ship you a similar or related new samples in future.
Anyway, onwards we go! A phone costing you £400.00 may only cost a manufacturer £50 to
produce or the supplier £100.00 to acquire, if not less. However, these companies think they
stand a good chance of gaining more out of you, so they take a gamble and send you a free
sample in no time, usually by UPS 48-Hr delivery, and most of the time they cover the
delivery costs – not you.
So, are you interested? What do you mean you have wasted your money on my information
and you are giving up already? Come on, you know you want to find out how you can get
your very own free goodies!
I recommend you re-read the following information over again before you start!