How to Really Earn Big with Your Own Internet Business HTML version

Welcome! This is Sam Mantell here with a few keys to making
serious money online. First of all, I’m assuming that you’re like so
many out there who spend a lot of time researching different online
opportunities, but just can’t seem to put everything together into a
money making system.
You wonder if you should build your business around your own
unique e-book; Or maybe you should buy resell rights to a product
and build a business around that? And on and on it goes---your
uncertainty and confusion grow from day to day and this wonderful
possibility of a large passive income from an online business is left
waiting until you’ve figured everything out.
Truthfully speaking, each and every internet business model is a way
to make money. The first step to succeed with your own internet
business is: choose a business model you feel right with. Make a do
or die decision on paper that you will reach a conclusion by X number
of hours. Write down something like:
“I commit to spending the next four hours researching and
understanding different online business models, their pros and cons.
After having weighed their strengths and weaknesses, I will come to
the conclusion as to which model I will put into practice. This decision
must be reached within six hours.”
Of course, it may take you less or more time. The main thing here is
that you set a deadline for yourself. And once your internet business
model will be decided upon, you’ll feel tremendous relief.
© Sam Mantell