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by Sam Mantell

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Welcome! This is Sam Mantell here with a few keys to making serious money online. First of all, I’m assuming that you’re like so many out there who spend a lot of time researching different online opportunities, but just can’t seem to put everything together into a money making system.

You wonder if you should build your business around your own unique e-book; Or maybe you should buy resell rights to a product and build a business around that? And on and on it goes---your uncertainty and confusion grow from day to day and this wonderful possibility of a large passive income from an online business is left waiting until you’ve figured everything out.

Truthfully speaking, each and every internet business model is a way to make money. The first step to succeed with your own internet business is: choose a business model you feel right with. Make a do or die decision on paper that you will reach a conclusion by X number of hours. Write down something like:

“I commit to spending the next four hours researching and understanding different online business models, their pros and cons. After having weighed their strengths and weaknesses, I will come to the conclusion as to which model I will put into practice. This decision must be reached within six hours.”

Of course, it may take you less or more time. The main thing here is that you set a deadline for yourself. And once your internet business model will be decided upon, you’ll feel tremendous relief.

© Sam Mantell Since affiliate marketing is the most hassle-free way to earn lots of money online, my personal recommendation is to be an affiliate marketer. Just a few of the benefits of marketing someone else’s product is that (1)you don’t have be busy with creating an excellent product (2) nor do you need to set up a way to accept payment and deal with refunds etc. Also, (3) your expenses are very little in comparison to creating and marketing your own product.

So now you’ve decided on the model which best suits you. Your next step is to do and learn, simultaneously. The emphasis here is on doing. Life is short. If you want to move forward quickly, you must take substantial and massive amounts of action. By doing so, you will learn everything that you’ll need to know as far as what works for you and what doesn’t. When indeed you’ll uncover those things that do work (make money), you focus specifically on those methods and repeat them over and over, while improving on them.

With affiliate marketing, you’ll learn everything you need if you’ll take lots and lots of marketing action. And after the money starts trickling in, celebrate. I mean it. You now know where to focus your main marketing efforts to double your desired results (more money).

You may be tempted at some point to move away from whatever marketing you’re doing and get into a different opportunity; My advice: Don’t move on to another model until you are 100% positive that you have maximized all marketing possibilities with your chosen model. I say this because focus is the key to success. Remember the saying: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Don’t be like so many who set up a site, market it a little, and set up another site. Unless the second site is essential to your business model, your main efforts should be to do more of that which is making you even a little bit of money.

© Sam Mantell Let me give you a specific example (Just an illustration). Say you have a site set up to market quality affiliate products (Never market junk); You try different methods to drive traffic to the website, and it turns out that the $100 you’ve spent on advertisement in a certain ezine, made you $150 in commissions ($50 profit). In a case like this where you’ve made money, you again experiment with
(1) general ezine advertising in that niche
(2) that specific ezine
(3) that specific ad and
(4) different ads
-until you find the right combination of e-zine advertising which generates a consistent profit. Once you know which results to expect on average, you keep putting those profits back into the specific marketing technique (in our example, e-zine advertising), more and more.

So lets say you’ve reached the point where you know that you can expect a 100,000 subscriber e-zine advertisement which costs you $100 to produce an average of $150 in affiliate commissions ($50 profit). You therefore know that each 100 subscribers can be expected to produce an average profit of 5 cents, 1,000 subscribers 50 cents, and 10,000 subscribers $5. (1 subscriber .005 cents)

To me this is so exciting! The point where you know which actions can be expected to produce specific, measurable results. You do the marketing over and over, turning out more and more results (money). Why set up another site, starting from scratch, if you know which specific marketing actions you need to do more of? Makes sense right?!

© Sam Mantell In selling, the top sales people know their ratios well. They know that if they make 100 calls (for example) they can expect 10 meetings face to face. Out of 10 meetings they will close 4 sales. Therefore, if each sale will earn them $500, then each call is worth $20, and each meeting has a $200 value. This information serves them twofold: First of all they view each call as successful (even when they’re rejected). Secondly, by knowing what to expect, they can reach their desired income by making more calls.

The same holds true with all marketing efforts. As long as you can expect a profit, each effort is a successful one. Don’t look at the 99,999 subscribers in my example, who can be expected not to buy as being worthless, but rather calculate the profit that their numbers communicate. In the above example, 100 subscribers have a real value of 5 cents. Instead of saying ‘look at how little results I get’, you should view each subscriber as someone handing you money.

Also, if indeed you can expect 100 subscribers to produce a 5 cent profit, and your goal is to earn $1000 profit, you would need to advertise to 2,000,000 subscribers. You know from experience that on average, $2000 invested to reach those 2 million will return a total of $3000 in commissions. This covers your investment and puts a thousand dollars in your pocket.

This business of calculating your averages to know what to expect, is something each marketer needs to do alone. Yes, general statistics exist and can help give you a general idea, but your own statistical average is what you need. This comes from doing and learning, testing and revising until you know what average to expect.

© Sam Mantell If for example, you’ve built your list to say 10,000 subscribers, and If for example, you’ve built your list to say 10,000 subscribers, and 25% of them to earn you a real profit of one dollar per month, that equals $1,500-$2,500 per month that you can count on. If so, to earn $15,000- $25,000 per month from your list would be to build it up to 100,000 subscribers. Statistics work, so concentrate on doing more and more of those things that you’ve done-and new things- to build your list. Keep in mind that all of the above figures and methods are only to illustrate my point.

So by now you realize that marketing alone requires focus and concentration. This again is why I recommend the affiliate marketing business model. You want less things on your to-do list, so that your time is well spent promoting your affiliate products.

If you really want to save time and earn big ongoing affiliate commissions, check out this program which the marketing genius Stone Evans put together:

With this program, you can earn 6 streams of residual income simply by sharing the ‘Plug-In Profit Site’ with others. What does it depend on? You guessed it… your focused marketing! The beauty of it is how it cuts straight through right to the essence of making lots of money online. The saying “don’t reinvent the wheel” fits this wonderful opportunity.

© Sam Mantell So you see that to earn big money with an internet business its vital you don’t get into this model, and then jump into a new one, running around in circles; the key is to choose a model that is right for you, and to focus on the marketing and promotion aspects as much as possible. You learn what works and you repeat it until you can expect specific results on average. You reinvest your profits accordingly and only when you’re sure that saturation of efforts and results have been reached, should you move to another project.

While I am a big fan of study, I discourage too much learning by any other means than doing. The information available today is both amazing and disruptive.

You need to choose a limited amount of quality sources to get ideas for your business, and to take action. Too many people are simply afraid to get going, even if they’ve decided on a business model. They feel that they need to learn more about it. So they read for hours on end absorbing all of the marketing know-how explained in the ebooks. The only problem is that they never do anything with it.

Don’t let this happen to you. Yes, you need to study and uncover new and better methods than you know; just make sure that you don’t get swallowed up into addictive reading where nothing or little is accomplished. Your mantra needs to be ‘learn while doing’.

A great resource to learn every aspect of a successful internet business can be downloaded from: It’s an excellent resource to get to work with.

© Sam Mantell Keep in mind that people of all kinds are making a living on the internet. You’re in no way inferior to them. The main thing that they have in common is that they’ve taken lots of marketing action.

I hope that this information was helpful to you. Feel free to contact me at
Good luck!!



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