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How To Obtain 1000 Lists In 3 Days For Free

Produced By Izrul Fizal

Discover A Simple Method On How To Generate Thousands Of Lists Fast Without Any Costs Whatsoever

Disclaimer / Legal Notices : The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of date of publication. Because of the rate of change in the internet and the rising of new circumstances, the authors reserve the rights to update and althe the opinions to suit the new condition(s).

You have the right to distribute this report to someone you care about. However, you have no right to change the content whatsoever.

Earnings DO vary form person to person and is very much dependent on the amount of work one puts in. The author does not make any guarantees implied or otherwise that a profit is assured.




Izrul Fizal has been marketing online since 2005. It was a tough ride for him to get where he is now. Starting from a total NEWBIE, not sure what to do and have no one to teach or guide him. He have bought all sort of products related to making money from home but still not making a dime whatsoever.

Throughout the process, he has lost more than $20,000 buying and trying money making product from Gurus who promised him the world. Although he kept on failing to make money online, he never gave up because in his heart he knew there is a goldmine to be made once he found the right formula.

Early 2008, is the year where he finally breaks the barrier and seeing results by making thousands per month consistantly. All the money that he gets are all from selling other people's products or you might know it as Affiliate program.

Since then, he never look back anymore. He is a strong believer on you will get anything in your life once you've found the correct way of doing things. He loves to help other people achieve their dream of make money from home by sharing his techniques and ideas that he himself has implement to get where he is right now.



Internet Marketing has been so difficult for those of you who still not making any sales after trying so hard. Frustation has always been your closest friend when we talk about marketing.

Some may have lost a lot of money just by doing lots of promotion after promotion after promotion... and yet, still no sales.

I know your frustration because I've been there. Now, when it comes to promoting my sites, I never spend a dime to find some potential buyers. Let me repeat that, NEVER.

I will share it with you in a moment. :-)


And I'm also sure you have heard from most gurus said that, Money Is In The List!

In this short report, I will reveal to you my secrets of gathering 1000, 2000, or even 5000 lists faster than you can ever imagine. And guess what, it is absolutely FREE!

No, I'm not talking about Social Bookmarking which has made a lot of people talk about nowadays. I'm not talking about creating blogs or forum marketing either.

So what the heck is it? Drum roll please.... it's Article Marketing!


"WHAT?! That's your secret!"


Hold on my friend. Don't knock my head just yet. Let me explain a little bit more.


I'm not asking you to distribute your articles into any article directories. That would be troublesome and it may take a long time for your article to be notice by the search engine. You may not get a lot of readers this way.


What you need to do is combine your Article Marketing with Ezine Advertising. That's my secret!

Instead of buying solo ads or any given ads from the Ezine Publisher (which is so damn expensive by the way), why not you write your articles and give it to them. Most Ezine Publisher websites want your articles and they will not charge you for it. In other words, you can advertise in their ezines for free. That's awesome, isn't it?

Lets say you want to promote a product on How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks. All you need to do is write an article related to weight loss topic and find a weight loss ezine publisher.

Do you know that a well established ezine publisher have thousands and thousands of lists who subscribe with them? Some even have 100,000 lists. Why not you use this to your advantage?

I will show you how to do this.

But before that , I have to assume that you already have a product of your own or you have joined any affiliate program. I would also like to assume you know what is Article Marketing and Ezine Advertising. If you don't know, you can get the necessary information just by searching it on the Internet.

In my report, I will explain in a straighforward manner so you can start implementing my technique immediately.


Alright, with that said, lets get started right now!



This is maybe the toughest part if you hate or never write an article before. If you don't like writing, you might want to purchase a Private Label Right articles at

Article Underground

Or you may already have a lot of PLR articles inside your notebook that you have purchased several months ago that you never use. Why not use that articles and rewrite it a little bit so the content will be yours and original.

Honestly, I'm suck at writing articles as well. In order to solve this problem, I've bought an article writing software produced by Jonathan Teng and Calvin Woon called Content Infinity .

I like this software very much because I can easily create 10 - 20 articles per day on a topic that I don't even know about. The creators of this software are so genious since all you need to do is write your desire keyword or topic and input how many words you want for your article. The next thing you know, the software have produce you with an excellent articles. Of course, you need to change or rewrite the content a little to make it sound interesting. This is way better than writing an article yourself from start. I really recommend this software for you. You may not need to purchase it right away since it is will cost you some money, but once you have the budget, you might want to consider it to speed up your work.

Here's the link to the website:

Once you have written a good and quality article, you need to write a well written and eye catching Resource Box below your article so that people who read your article will then click on the link to your website.

I suggest that you offer some free ebooks or newsletters or tips so that people will have no hesitation to get to your website. Don't forget to include an opt-in form inside your website. You want to collect your visitors email address so you can follow up with them and sell your main product.

That's it, this is the hardest part of my secret. The next step you will learn how to find Ezine Publisher websites that accept article submission.




Before you begin, you might ask why use this method?

Here's the thing. Ezine advertising is an effective way to reach a ready pool of targeted prospects. You also reap some of the benefits of the trust and credibility the ezine owners has built with his subscribers.

Where to find this ezine owners? You'll want to do some Google searching to find as many relevant, with your related niche websites as possible, and check to see if they're running ezines and accept articles.

The first thing you need to do is go to homepage.


There are several ways to locate an ezine publisher. You simply type inside the Google Search box like I shown below:


i) "keyword+newsletter"


ii) "keyword+ezines"


iii) "keyword+solo ads"

Lets say you want to find a weight loss ezines. You need to type "weight loss+ezines" (including the quotes)


Here you'll find lots of ezine publisher websites that related to weight loss topics.


You need to check out yourself which websites that suit your need. It doesn't matter what topic you're promoting. In order to find the ezine publishers, simply replace "keyword" with your topic.

You may find it is really time consuming to find ezine publishers that fit our requirements. Plus, you don't know how many subscribers they have who subscribe to their newsletter.

Let me share you my secrets of locating these ezine publishers easily and fast. You might be surprise of how easy it is.


On to the next page please. :-)


The secret is you need to become a member of Directory of Ezines .


00004.jpgYou need to register yourself as member first before you can login.


Once you have registered, you need to login. Then you will be shown this page below:


00005.jpgClick on the link that says , Click Here To Search The Directory Of Ezines.


Here's the fun part. Lets say you want to look for "weight loss" ezine publisher. You need to type in "weight loss" inside the Publication box.


00006.jpgThe next step is by choosing the Circulation number. I usually choose the circulation number greater than 1000. It is totally up to you.


00007.jpgThe last step is to choose "Yes" for the Articles Accepted box.


00008.jpgSimply left blank the other boxes. There you go, you're done!


Click the "Search" button to see the results.


You will be shown this page below:



From the results above, you can see the owner of the ezine publisher site, circulation number and they do accept articles. The only thing left to do now is by clicking the "VIEW" button and you will be directed to their website.

Find their contact address and email to them your written article. Don't forget to include your resource box as well. Otherwise people will not be able to get to your website.

You can choose any topic like dog training, gardening tips, make money online and so much more using Directory of Ezines .

The only drawback is Directory of Ezines is not free. You have to pay $197 for a lifetime membership. If you haven't got a budget, you can still use the steps that I explained earlier. Once you have make some decent income and you want to make your promotion grow faster, you can consider to join later on.

Here's the link to the Directory of Ezines website:



The secrets that I have shown you is very easy to be implement. I've gathered 10,000 lists in just one week using this technique with one of my niches.

The reason I put How To Obtain 1000 Lists In 3 Days For Free is because I believe gathering 1000 lists in not impossible once you've followed my advice. I mention "3 Days" because most of the ezine publisher will not distribute your article right away. They may need to read it first in order to make sure your article is suitable for their subscribers. Or maybe your article may have to wait for a long queue because you are not the only one who provide them with article. There might be other people use this technique as well but don't worry, the number is only a few.

Have you ever heard any gurus out there talking about my secret of gathering lists? All they ask you to do is submit ads instead of article. I don't know why, maybe this information is too valuable for them to share with you.

I can guarantee you that you will be having thousands and thousands of lists in one month from now if you consistently apply this secret of mine everyday.

Remember, you don't have to take action to make this happen. All you need to have right now is the willingness to take action. Action will come automatically once you have the willingness to make it happen.

All the best! Izrul Fizal



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