How to Migrate Your WordPress Blog to a New Host HTML version

How to migrate your wordpress
blog to another host – A non-techie's guide.
By: Lela Iskandar Suhaimi
Before continuing, I assume you know/have a few things.
They are:
You have cPanel access
Do not have shell access (having an access will
make it far easier to migrate)
Know how to transfer file to/from your pc using
Understand English (yeah! I was trying to be funny
and oh! Patience. Make sure you got that.
My Migration story
I had to migrate my Wordpress blog to another host
recently and was trying to find a way to do it. I found a
few pages on this topic but some of it requires shell access.
Others seemed to be using words from Planet Zurich or
too simplified I did not know what to do.
This guide is actually my documented work while
migrating my own blog.
For Newbies
This guide is for newbies like me who have limited/zero
knowledge on MySQL database and Wordpress.
I also keep this in pdf form just in case I need to migrate
my Wordpress blog to another host sometime in the future