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So, before I begin the foreword, it was a complete accident ok? Had I known he was a psycho, I wouldn’t have signed the marriage certificate for chrissakes!

Anyways, these musings began as a form of written therapy after faking my own death and escaping (poetic licence here, if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what I’m talking about) After you’ve married, survived and finally escaped from the clutches of a diagnosed psycho, it’s not very sensible to write candidly about it….. Well not if he’s still alive and stalking the end of your driveway. But I’m a bit loopy anyway. This, my dear readers, explains the need for anonymity and the Fruitloopmum pseudonym. I’ve had great fun letting my musings mutate into a blog with a select and adoring Fruitloopmum fan club, and now you lucky things, it’s a book!

Written with my naughty tongue firmly in my cheek, it contains mad rants and bad language. So, if you’re a politically correct, sensitive soul….put the f***ker down NOW!

Please go and read something else.


However, if by some weird chance you find yourself laughing, crying and connecting with the collection of oddness herein, then Google my pseudonym and check out the latest work from Fruitloopmum.