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Affiliate Marketing: What It Is
Affiliate marketing is different things to different people, but essentially, affiliate
marketing is the act of marketing someone else’s products or services for a
portion, or commission, of each sale that you make.
Some people do affiliate marketing as their full time jobs. That’s it. That’s all they
do – they market other people’s products or services, collect their commissions,
and live their lives as they wish. They do not have to deal with customer service,
shipping orders, or anything else. All they do is promote other people’s products
or services, everyday.
Other people use affiliate programs in conjunction with their own products or
services, using affiliate programs as front end products, upsells, and back end
products. For example, if you had an information product about weight loss, you
might want to market exercise equipment, exercise clothing, vitamins, or other
items or services that are related to weight loss along with your weight loss
information product – to increase your revenue.
Obviously you would not want to create these items, so you would find these
related products or services, and sign up for the affiliate programs, allowing you
to promote them. Some people even low cost information products, such as
ebooks, in order to sell high ticket affiliate products or services. Alternately, some
people just use inexpensive affiliate products to enhance their own high ticket
products or continuity programs, such as membership sites.
Some people are confused about what affiliate marketing actually is. For
instance, many people who have products and offer affiliate programs for those
products might say that they sell their product through affiliate marketing. What
they mean is that they have affiliates who sell the product for them, but they are
actually merchants or affiliate managers, in affiliate marketing terms.
But basically, affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products or services
through various means, for various reasons – either to earn an income, to
enhance a product, or even to sell an additional product. In fact, many people
use low end affiliate products as lead ins, or entry level products, for higher end
affiliate products – never actually creating or promoting a product or service of
their own.
Is money being made? You better believe there is! If you include all products and
services that are sold through affiliates, affiliate marketing is essentially a billion
dollar industry, even though it isn’t technically considered an industry in its own
right. Many people don’t even consider it a career, but they are mistaken.
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