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Who is Gary Evans?

I'm 24 and originally from the United Kingdom and am presently living a life that I couldn't even dream about a few years ago. My home is located out in beautiful Costa Rica where I run and operate my own Internet based business.

Several years ago I was up to my eye balls in debt. At one point I was in as much as £20,000 of debts and was working a dead end job for a large bank in the UK. I hated every minute of it and I was constantly living in fear with my ever growing amount of debt weighing on my shoulders.


Having so much contrast gave me great clarity to know what I did want to live. After several years working at the bank, I started to attract powerful information about the Law of Attraction.

After studying and applying what I had learned about universal laws, I now live out a life that I only ever thought was possible in movies. I no longer live in fear or with debt, instead I live a life worth living.

Since 2006, I have been teaching people who attract this information how to properly utilize the Law of Attraction so that they see tangible results in their life too. I love to see people succeed on their own, and whether it's my calling in life or not, I enjoy sharing what I've learned about the Law of Attraction.