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Native American Shamans often used smudge sticks in their own rituals, and these 


ever popular tools are a wonderful addition to any from of cleansing ritual or general 


cleansing you may wish to perform.


Making your own smudge stick is simple, easy and lots of fun. They look really 


attractive too !


What you need


*You will need natural twine or cotton ( I usually choose colours symbolic to the type 


of ritual I am to perform. For example when completing a house cleansing ritual 


where there have been negative relationship issues, I would wrap the smudge in a 


pink colour for emotions and feeling of the heart or perhaps yellow for healing. )


*You will also need a selection of herbs and plant material appropriate for your 


particular focus.


What to do


*Collect a selection of herbs around 20-30 cm in length. Snip them neatly from the 


plant, sending a note of thanks as you do.

Lay your plants flat out on a newspaper and assemble them into roughly a straight line of about 2 inches in width.
Starting at the bottom, secure the end tightly and begin wrapping the cotton or twine around the plant. Do this randomly, so that plenty of the leaves show through, whilst encasing the plant securely.
Working from the bottom to the top and then securing tightly at the opposite end will hold everything together.
Trim any particularly wayward pieces. Lay the smudge on a fresh piece of newspaper and wrap it tightly within the paper. This ensures the stick will dry more quickly and remain held together.
Store in a cool dry place, change the
newspapers every other day and allow to dry for at least a week.
After this time your smudge stick will be ready to use. If you have any feathers available to disperse the smoke then these are also a useful tool.

When lighting your smudge stick please ensure you do not leave it to burn. Blow out 


the flame quickly. Using natural twine prevents the release of noxious fumes into the 


environment, but please be aware that inhalation of smoke should still be avoided. 


Make sure you dispose of your used smudge stick in the most safe and 


environmentally friendly way possible.


Happy smudging,

Lavender Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity,

Pine Healing, Fertility, Protection,


Exorcism, Money







Rosemary Love, Protection, Sleep,
Chastity, Longevity,
Healing, Fertility, Protection, Exorcism, Money
Immortality, Longevity,
Wisdom, Protection, Wishes Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth

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