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When I first began my journey online, I was a typical consumer. I watched YouTube
videos and laughed along with my father at people doing stupid things, and I ordered CD‘s and
DVD‘s. I had no idea there was a world bustling out there, communicating, bartering,
complaining, exploiting, shopping, buying and selling, all online. Yes, I knew about
―chatrooms‖, but that was as innocent as watching a soft porn B movie late at night on Canadian
Then there was Ebay. I don‘t need to get into specifics here. We all use it. But, at the
time, I thought it was a miracle of sorts. Not only could I sell things that were essentially
molding in my home, for almost more than I paid for it, but there was also the feedback and
reviews that customers left when they were happy or mad, mostly happy about their purchase.
That was my first connection with the world out there: the World Wide Web.
I was determined to get rich, no matter what, at a very young age. The first scheme I
devised was to buy and sell a Lamborghini. I read a lot of my dad‘s car magazines and saw the