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Owning your own internet business is great!

First of all, it does not take a lot of money to start your very own online business. Unlike the “real world” where starting a business can and usually does require thousands of dollars in start up money.

Second, more and more people are buying products off of the internet every single day. In fact, hundreds of millions of people all over the world spend billions of dollars buying products off the internet.

And third, in most cases selling info products on the internet provides a passive income. Once your website is set up, you can pretty much put it on auto pilot and spend only half an hour a day checking to see how many sales you’ve got and answer a few emails.

That’s three major benefits, but if I wanted to I could list over a hundred. That’s how great owning your own internet business is!

This book will give you profitable business ideas you can start with today on a very small budget. I will also show you how to come up with your own great business ideas pretty much any time you want.

I have been creating businesses on the internet for a pretty long time. And while some have not been so great, most have been big money makers. One thing to remember when starting a business on the internet is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money.

Because if you spend a gazillion dollars starting an online business, you first have to make that money back...before you make any profits. Almost all of the businesses I have created cost me less than a hundred bucks, and the most I have ever spent on creating an online business is under a thousand.

So, how do I do it? How can do I come up with so many business ideas that cost me barely anything to start and end up making thousands?

And more importantly, how can you do the exact same thing and come up with great business ideas every day of the week?

It’s really quite simple! By following the easy rules and advice in this book!
So then, the first step is...
Choosing the type of online business you want to Start

There are many different ways to make money on the internet. Here are the 4 major ways to make money with information products:

Build a membership site

Membership sites are very popular right now. This is because instead of selling something once to a person, with a membership site you get that one person to buy from you every single month.

Membership sites are sites where you pay a certain amount (usually each month) to get access to information or services.

Here are a few examples of membership websites: Information membership sites -
Services - - If you want more information on starting a membership site, here are a few resources.

Selling an e-book

E-books always have and always be big sellers online no matter what anyone says. The fact that you can get information in your possession in a matter of minutes makes e-books a big winner over physical products.

Of course there are down sides to every business, and the e-book business is no different. The biggest complaint about e-books are the fact people are either A) buying them and asking for refunds or B) illegally giving away and selling the authors work without their consent.

But even though there are downsides, it is still more than worth it to sell your own e-book. Because the upsides greatly, and I do mean greatly outweigh the downsides.

To start, it costs virtually nothing to create ebooks. All you need is to think of a hot subject, do some research and make that research into a book.

If you want more info on creating e-books, here are a few good resources:
Become an affiliate

Affiliate businesses are probably the easiest to start, but also can be the hardest to make profitable. Simply because when you are an affiliate, you are promoting someone else’s products.

So what are affiliate programs and how can you earn a constant monthly income with them?

Affiliate programs are a great way to get started marketing online. In essence affiliate programs or associate programs are revenue sharing arrangements where companies (merchants) pay webmasters commission for sending them customers.

In other words:

You refer people to different websites that sell products. And if the people you refer buy, you get a commission.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming an affiliate is that you do not need your own product! All you need is a way to send traffic to other people’s websites and boom, you have started your own business!

Here is a guide that teaches you to do just that:

You are paid a commission if the person buys a product or service, (Pay per Sale - Most Popular Option), clicks on an affiliate link (Pay Per Click - Less popular due to fraud) or simply fills out a form (Pay per Lead - Also Very Popular).
Basically affiliate programs are programs that enable you to sell other peoples products for a percentage of the sale. They are also a very hot topic at the moment.

To see a comprehensive list of affiliate programs you can join or visit, see some links I provided below.

You can virtually sell anything online now thanks to affiliate programs. If you want to learn more about starting your own affiliate business, you really need to read the following guides. Start an online e-book store

An online e-book store is basically a website that sells e-books. While a conventional website usually sells only one e-book, an e-book store website sells many.

You can start an online e-book store 3 different
You can download Free profesionla e-Book store with 50 best seling e-books from website: 1. Write your own e-books and sell them in your online store website.
Since you will be creating your own products oneby-one, this will take a long time to set up.

2. Buy resell rights to other people’s e-books. This will be a lot faster than creating your own products, because you will be buying already made products.

However, you will need some start up money (probably about $1,000) to get this off the ground.

3. Simply promote other people’s e-books on your website. Basically, become an affiliate of other people’s stuff by having affiliate links on your website.

What else could you do?

You can do a lot! You can buy resell rights and sell e-books on eBay, you can open up you own online store that sells physical products, you can open up an adult membership site etc.

The truth is there is no shortage of ways to make money on the internet, the hard part is choosing one!