How to Make Money Blogging HTML version

Newbies Guide To Blogging For Profit
What is blogging, and how can it be your ticket to financial freedom?
Blogging is method for writers, artists, individuals, ANYONE really, to broadcast their
thoughts and opinions for the whole world to read. Blogging allows you the opportunity to
potentially get hundreds of thousands of people to read your stuff without having to be a
celebrity or a published author.
Some bloggers have emerged from the depths of obscurity, starting out as nobodies. Now
they're famous! (Perez Hilton is one example.) There are also many blogs that have become
authorities in their niche, overtaking even media giants. and are two more examples. These types of websites garner visitors
in the millions each and every month.
So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that blogging is also a highly effective way
to make money online.
Countless bloggers all over the world silently rake in hundreds, thousands, even tens of
thousands of dollars per month! The best part is that it's not particularly hard!