How to Live a Better Life HTML version

This has been written in answer to the question I am constantly
“What book do you recommend for me to improve my life”
Until now my answer has been – it depends what you want to
achieve – however it has been concluded by a number of top people
that although we are all different in many ways we are the same
when it comes to what we all want from life……which is
To be healthy
To have enough money (in some cases to be wealthy)
To be Happy.
Inside this book you will find many topics covered; all designed to
help you achieve that Better Life you deserve.
I’m sure you have heard it said “that to earn more you must first
learn more” well the same is true about anything in life you wish to
Most of us are on automatic pilot most of the time – this is through
habit – before we can change our habits we must change our
thinking – as thoughts create action and action leads to habit and
habits lead to lifestyle and staying where we are, unless we decide
to cancel out those habits we don’t want and replace them with
habits we do want- easier said than done, or is it?
You will find the following topics being covered which are all
designed to improve your current situation; Self-Esteem, Goal
Setting, Responsibility, Time Management, Motivation and
Inspiration along with a number of related subjects.
Should you find the information in this book helpful in any way at all
please pass it on to a friend or colleague and share the benefits.
Good luck and enjoy life to the full – you deserve to – and
remember you only pass this way once so make it memorable.