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Chapter 2 What Do I Need To Begin Hypnotizing?
Question: What do I need to begin hypnotizing?
Answer: You need confidence in your abilities to hypnotize.
Question: How to I get the confidence if I have never hypnotized anyone before?
Answer: You have to fake it until you make it!
Actually, that's how anyone gets confidence. Think of the medical doctor you go to for an
operation. Could it be that this particular operation is the first of its kind that your doctor
participated it? Everyone's medical conditions are unique. Even if the doctor is an
experienced heart surgeon, there is still a chance that when he opens you up during
surgery, that there is still something new for him/her to learn.
It's the same way with hypnosis. You can study hypnosis for 10 minutes or 10 years and
still feel that you are learning something brand new. You subject may not realize it but it
is true.
In order for you to become successful in hypnotizing other people you must have
confidence in your abilities to hypnotize. The more you display this confidence in you
words and mannerisms, the easier it will be to hypnotize others and the more fun you will
have as a hypnotist.
Remember this always: You must have confidence in yourself as a hypnotist. You
must keep that confidence during each and every hypnosis session.
So to begin, think of yourself as a hypnotist Begin to exude confidence in your abilities.
The second thing you are going to need is training. We will get to your training in a
The third thing you must have is a subject or hypnotee. We will find your subject next.
How To Find A Good Subject
Everyone wants to be hypnotized! Yes, even your biggest skeptics want to be
hypnotized. However, it's best to find a willing subject first. Even though the temptation