How to Get Sexy Six-Pack Abs HTML version

Having flat and firm abs is a very desirable asset these days and here is what you should
know about flat abs. Many surveys have ranked flat abs as the most attractive part of both
the male and female body. Now why does it seem so hard to get flat abs like that? Most
people are using the wrong techniques and not receiving the full effect from their flat abs
workout. You should follow these tips in order to maximize your desired results.
1. What you would first need to get flat abs is to concentrate on the precise region that is
being worked while you perform your abdominal exercises. It is extremely simple to allow
other muscles to take off some of the weight from your abs if you are not careful - the trick
here is to isolate your abdominal muscles. If you notice your abs are not getting fatigued
after 15 repetitions, then you are likely using some of your other muscles to assist you.
2. No amount of flat abs workouts will expose well toned muscles if you're padding them with
an extra layer of fat. Abdominals are always prone to storing fat, and are, as a result,
possibly the hardest part of your body to get toned. The answer to exposing your abs is to
burn the fat away from them, which you do by cardio, not abdominal exercises. Compliment
your abdominal workouts with 28 - 44 minutes worth of cardio before hand.
3. Please try your utmost best to avoid alcohol. Modern research has linked alcoholic drinks
with a rise in cortisol, a hormone which appears to increase fat storage around your belly. So
unless you like the look of a beer belly, alcohol should just be an occasional indulgence for
4. If you've lost your stomach fat but still are not seeing defined abdominals, chances are
that you have poor form. Doing 2 - 3 sets of 15 - 20 repetitions of a couple of different
abdominal exercises every other day is sufficient to tone your abdominals, so if you are not
seeing results you are probably falling victim to tip #1. Remember, 15 well executed
crunches are more beneficial than 40 poorly executed stomach exercises.
5. The final good way to train for flat abs is by simply keeping them contracted when
performing all of your other exercises. In addition, try contracting them while sitting, standing,
or driving. Not only will this assist tone them, it will also reduce back strain.
As a replacement for the customary abdominal workout routines that we see all the time
such as crunches, situps, leg lifts,.. I will like to recommend much better options for
metabolism-boosting high intensity workouts that really work your entire body while also
working your abdominals.