How to Get More from Life HTML version

The main reason I continue to write is because, if I stopped, I think
my head would explode. I only get to write a tiny fraction of the ideas that
are constantly bumping around in my head about how to get more from
I’m happy a few other people benefit from them, but I write at least as
much to articulate my own thoughts as I do to provide advice.
I also don’t want to leave the impression that I’m a guru or expert. I’m
not. As anyone who knows me personally will attest to, I have many, many
failings. Even the words I write I don’t follow perfectly. I strive to, but I
make mistakes.
The way I hope to communicate myself, although sometimes I fail at
this too, is that I’m just another person trying to figure out this thing we
call life. No answers from the mountaintop. Just a fellow traveler.
- 61 -