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Chapter Seven – Entrepreneurship and Finding Your Passion
There are still a
few people who
Entrepreneurship and
Finding Your Passion
feel getting paid
to do something
you love is selling
out, or unethical.
One of my major goals in starting this blog was to turn it into a
business and make an income. I’m guessing there are still a few immature
readers who think earning money doing what you love is somehow a bad
thing, or an ignoble motive. It’s not.
Often the same
people end up
working 9-5 jobs
Which is better for society?
for questionable
That I earn a healthy income, doing something I love, that thousands
of people get benefit from, that I can control and make sure stays true to
my principles?
Ignore them.
Or that I have only a few hours to pursue my passion in the evenings
while I spend my day time getting paid by a corporation that may be
pursuing motives of questionable ethics?
- 40 -