How to Get More from Life HTML version

Chapter Six – Fitness
Physical fitness is, for me, one of the cornerstones for getting more
out of life. If your body is out of shape, unhealthy and fat, it’s going to be a
lot harder to achieve success in the other areas. Without fitness:
-Work is harder because you have less energy.
-Social skills are harder because you’re often less attractive (both
physically and in attitude) when you’re less healthy.
-Learning is harder. Your brain is an organ too, so the principles of
health for the body apply for the brain.
-Even financial success isn’t as satisfying if your body is trashed.
Beyond the external benefits, fitness has an intrinsic goodness to it.
Although, if you don’t exercise regularly, it can be difficult to feel that way.
But I guarantee if you spent a year training to run, being able to easily run
10km would be its own reward.
- 34 -