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Chapter Four - Productivity

I use TaDaList for


Timelogging. Every 6-12 months I like to run a timelog, recording my Weekly/Daily

everything I spend time on. The results often help me eliminate the Goals.

biggest drains on my time that don’t pay themselves back.

It's my favorite for


Weekly review. Once a week, I write not only my goals for the next it's notable lack

week, but also my thoughts on how to overcome problems I’m facing of features. You

in work and live. Solution brainstorming can make even terrifying can make new to-problems feel actionable.

do lists, and that's

about it.

Note that this is a short list. You don’t need a lot of tools to be Best of all, you

effective, you just need to find the right tools and make them work for you.

can use it for free.

I do use other techniques not listed here, but this forms the bulk of my productivity maintenance.

Also, note which tools I don’t use. You won’t see any automatic computer trackers, gizmos for organizing your iPhone to iPod notes, gadgets that upload my heart rate and brain waves to an organized spreadsheet.

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