How to Forgive Even When You Can't Forget HTML version

When I first had the idea to develop a subliminal
audio CD for forgiveness I had no idea how big the
topic would turn out to be. I realized that,
especially when it comes to fulfilling your goals
and dreams in life, most people will never get there
because they've focused their attention on incidents
from the past. It's human nature to live in the past
— or the future — and we all could benefit greatly
from living in the present, because that is where
forgiveness actually takes place.
Digging further into the topic of forgiveness, I soon understood that
this is an area that many of use have completely either downplayed or
forgotten entirely. Somehow, we really don’t know how to deal with it.
Some people are lucky and they learn to forgive early on in life, but
for most people, being unable to forgive leaves a wound that reopens
every time an incident happens in their lives that triggers something
similar to what caused the wound in the first place.
Forgiveness has a bad aftertaste for most people — somehow, they
associate it with being weak. After you finish reading this book you
will have come to the understanding that it’s quite the opposite —
forgiveness is an act of maturity, bravery and intelligence; most
importantly, it is a direct connection to your heart. In essence, it is
love itself.
For many, the topic of forgiveness has religious connotations. Some
religions have actually been concerned with the philosophy and practice
of forgiveness since their beginnings. Many people have been helped.
However, as religions have evolved, there is often a shift from the
inner Truth of the heart to the outer necessity of conforming to social
standards and protocols. Forgiveness in these cases has usually turned
into a set of rules, a methodology of doctrine that no longer serves to
speak directly to the heart. Indeed, many people have left their
religions as they have come to an understanding that universal
spirituality is replacing doctrine. This opens the door to a world-wide
agreement and alignment of what’s essential spiritually for every human