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Welcome to Within the pages of this book are the basics of how to draw flowers, I have tried to make it simple and informative, it just needs you to be patient with yourself and to enjoy the process as I do.

Flowers are such a beautiful subject to draw and as an added bonus they don't move!

You can ether draw them indoors from a vase, in the garden or out in the country side, if you do the latter please don't pick them.

Just treat drawing flowers as you would anything else, start with the overall shape and progress as shown here refining and adding more and more detail.

There is so much to draw here so much to observe and capture.

First chose a soft drawing pencil like a 4B or 8B and get a soft putty eraser rather than a conventional eraser and a good quality drawing pad, these will help in achieving the results you are after.

For the most part being able to draw something is down to careful observation, take time to study what you wish to draw.

Look at its proportions, how big is one part to another, find a part of it that you can compare to the rest . Also look for how things relate to each other, see where a petal ends and see where it lines up with on another petal or leaf this will help you to get things looking right.

First get the main shapes right. Don't be fazed by all the detail like petals, stems, leaves etc. Look for the big shapes like I have shown here, everything else hangs on getting this stage right. It doesn't matter how amazing you have done all the detail, if the proportions are wrong it just won’t look right. If you drew a giraffe with every marking and detail but with a very short neck, it just wouldn't look like a giraffe!

Now you have worked out the proportions you can start adding the rough shapes of petals and leaves etc.

Once all of this looks right you are free to get into the detail and shading which will give it a more three dimensional appearance.

You can relax now as you know that when you have finished it will look right and not like the giraffe!

What I am going to show you now is how to start and work through to a finished drawing.