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What I am going to explain in this book are the basic steps in how to go about drawing animals.

Animals are very rewarding to draw, there is such variety in shape and size from a tiny mouse to a magnificent African Elephant.

There is so much to draw, observe and capture.

For the most part being able to draw something is down to careful observation, taking time to study what you wish to draw.

Look at its proportions, how big is one part to another, find a part of it that you can compare to the rest treat it like a ruler.

Also look for how things relate to each other.

But before you start first chose a soft drawing pencil like a 4B or 8B and get a soft putty eraser rather than a conventional eraser and a good quality drawing pad, these will all help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

For drawing animals why not draw your cat or dog. Or go to a park and sketch the squirrels there and if you’re lucky the dear.

Also a wildlife park if you have one nearby is excellent for animals to draw.

What I am going to show you now is how to start and work through to a finished drawing