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In 1991, a research project that our company conducted for Pacific Bell
revealed that the average consumer was besieged by 2000 commercial
messages each day. In 1994, a new study we did for Thomson Newspapers
revealed that the commercial clutter was now at an astonishing 3000
messages per day. Some sources say that the commercial clutter today, is at
30,000 messages per day!
What has all this done to your dollars?
For one thing, the commercial clutter has virtually tripled the cost of sales in
today over just ten years ago. And it would be nice if tripling the cost of sales
also meant that our sales efforts were now three times more effective. They're
not. Sales effectiveness has fallen by 50%. Meaning, today we pay three
times as much to get half the result that we got just ten years ago. The point,
it's very hard to get noticed in the new millennium.
Less mystery in the information age
Great selling is great educating. Once upon a time, no one really knew what
made great salespeople. It was a mystery. Some thought all it took to be
good at sales was a good personality; some thought it was the courage to ask
for the order, etc. Today, many studies tell us precisely what makes excellent
salespeople. And the single most important trait found in all top producers is
unbridled passion to help the customer, even if they resist you all the way.
Top producers really believe that what they sell is valuable and important. But
top producers also do several other things, which can be easily modeled and
then built into your organization. When you do this, business will sky rocket,
but also, everything will simply run a heck of a lot better.
Work On The Business, Not Just In The Business
Michael Gerber, a colleague, wrote a great book entitled “The E-Myth.” The
"E" stands for "Entrepreneur." In a nutshell, Michael wrote that the problem
with most practitioners who have a highly developed skill in a particular area
is that they think they are also entrepreneurs. A great mechanic thinks he can
run a successful garage. A great chiropractor thinks he can run a successful
chiropractic business, or a great cook thinks they can be a great restaurateur.