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Wild Life
Within a very short space of time, your pond will attract frogs and/or toads and, if
you are lucky, newts. They will benefit your garden as all three eat slugs and
snails, so you should make it easy for them to get in and out of the pond by
having an angled slope to climb up. These reptiles will undoubtedly spawn and
you will need to make sure the spawn doesn’t clog up the pump filter. Various
insects, such as water boatmen, which literally walk on water, bees, butterflies
and hovering dragon and damsel flies will turn up as will water snails, which you
will need to control as they can carry disease.
Birds will be attracted to drink and bathe in fountains and waterfalls, but you do
not need a visiting heron! If this becomes a problem, you may have to net the
pond, or wind black or near invisible thread around pegs around the pond to
catch the herons’ legs as they try to wade in.
A good pond is hard to beat as a source of tranquility in the garden.
Good luck!
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