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The third method is to dig out the shape of the pond, then set concrete at least 2”
thick. This should be a permanent fixture on a clay soil, but can crack and leak
on soft sandy soils. Furthermore, a period of time needs to elapse before fish
can be released into a concrete pond as they are affected by the lime from the
concrete base that can seep into the water.
Never use polythene sheeting as it becomes brittle and will leak in no time at all.
Water in a new pond will be green for up to four weeks until the water becomes
If the soil you take out of the pond site is of reasonable quality, you can spread it
around parts of the garden, or perhaps form it into a heap for a small waterfall.
You should leave it to settle for a few months before doing this.
Ponds do not have to include fish, or even plants, but a pond without one or the
other would be pretty boring and become stagnant in a matter of weeks if the
water remained still. However, make sure your plants are established before
adding fish to the pond as initially the fish want somewhere to hide. Until now
they have never been in anything bigger than a fish tank and being transferred
into a garden pond must be rather traumatic.
Always buy your fish from a reputable source. Never accept fish from friends or
neighbours as they may have a virus which may in turn infect your fish. Goldfish,
Orfe and if your pond is large enough, Koi, and many other types of fish will
survive a British winter in a pond even if it freezes over. Refrain from buying
Tench as they are bottom feeders and while they eat up the food which drifts
down from the surface, they continually disturb the bottom of the pond and
discolour the water.
How many fish
There are all kinds of formula for calculating the numbers of fish for a pond and
some can get quite complicated. A simple formula is to measure the surface of
the pond and every square foot can accommodate half an inch of fish. For
example, a 6ft x 4ft (24 sq ft) pond will maintain 24 x 6” fish, or 48 x 3” fish.
However, if you have the right conditions, your fish will breed, so it’s probably
better to start off with no more than half of your maximum quota.
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